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Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) Data & New Business Settlement Manager
"This Certified Financial Collection Professionals (CPCF) training is very practical,we can implement in our daily job, many tips from the trainer we can use, especially case studies from international companies."

Bank Rakyat Indonesia Head of Collection
"I am very happy to join this Collection training (CPCF), many new things I learned that can implement back in my company especially about the collection call assessment."

NS Bluescope Indonesia Credit Team
"I learned many new things in this Collection training (CPCF),example on how to write collection letters, how to call customers besides of getting the money back, all the materials are structured very clear." Senior Credit Executive

"I am very happy I can join this training, what has been taught in this training showed that my company already in 80% right track of collection especially collection policy. I hope I can share this back with my other team especially sales team, and also this training encourage us to read more collection books to enrich our knowledge." Credit Manager

"Besides of learning new knowledge in collection, in this training we can meet a lot of collection people from other companies, so we can share knowledge among different industries." Senior Credit Executive

Bank Rakyat Indonesia Vice Head of Collection
"This Collection training (CPCF) really helpful for my company, especially myself who just get promoted in collection team. This training really open up my mindset and understanding of the collection world, this training really helpful for the people in collection division especially from banking industries."

Bank Negara Indonesia AVP Collection
"This training is very useful for giving me new things in financial collection, it reminds me a lot of basic philosophy that I might be forgot in my daily job. I hope the organizer can continue doing this and do it more often so a lot of collection people can benefit from this course."

AKR Corporindo Tbk RMO
"I join this collection training with the trainer Tim Paulsen, after attended this training, I gained a lot of new knowledge which will benefit in my job as a receivables management."

Bank Negara Indonesia Asst Mgr Collection
"This training is very good, very applicable, many simple things that never thought of but very important and useful in collection world, its a very useful training."

Energy Company Senior Contract Drilling Specialist
"For me the training is positive. Many experience from the trainer Charles Rumbaugh we can implement. The negative feedback maybe the modules are too much to be covered in 3 days, we have to really really focus in this training, otherwise we won't understand."

Bank ANZ Procurement Senior Manager
"I attended the CIPM (Certified International Procurement Manager) training organized by Husin Group. So far the material and the lecturer John Paul are very good. I am happy can join this training because I got many things that I can apply in my corporate after this. This training is very good. Thanks for Husin and keep maintaining the certification. I hope this training can be organized every year and also special designed not only for high level managerial but also to the lower level managerial . Thank You."

Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) Procurement Senior Officer
"This training is very useful for our daily operational especially in procurement field. We hope can join the next training."

Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) Supply Management Senior Officer
"In my corporate there is no supply chain management, there is only procurement department. I hope after attending this training can improve our business process in my corporate."

Aroma Abadi Supply Chain Manager
"My impression for this training is good enough. The lecturer very expert in the field so I can upgrade my knowledge in supply chain management. Thank you."

Arnotts Indonesia Supply Chain Manager
"I think this course is really good to self check supply chain expertise and then the certification method process and the preparation learning also quite good to basically give us quick check with the root whether we are fit or not to the role."

Bukit Muria Jaya (BMJ) Head of Supply Chain
"By attending this certified international supply chain management I got many good things and seen that this training is not concept priority but more is about the real example and concrete things from the practitioner who is expert in the field. This training is good enough and applicable. 3 days for this course is very tight schedule but the positive one is the terminology that given in 3 days are main concepts and of course this is goodto be implemented by supply chain manager or headfor various industries. Thank you."

Bank UOB Indonesia Procurement and General Services Head
"I join this course because this is very needed for daily practice since my corporate have branches in Indonesia. So I must ensure that supply chain is delivered well so I can support the corporate business."

Semen Indonesia GM Supply Chain Management
"I served as general manager supply chain and responsible for supply chain managementimplementation in Semen Indonesia. My goal to join this training is to learn more into supply chain management so I am capable to find the most simple way to apply supply chain in Semen Indonesia Group. Thank You."

Pertamina Procurement Excellence Group
"I am working for procurement in Pertamina head office. Many things about procurement that I need to know especially about best practice that using in international level because my company connected with suppliers from many countries. So that’s why I join this training and this is very useful for upgrade my knowledge."