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Star Energy Procurement Manager
“We learn so many things by attended this two days training with Colin Cram, especially about Mr. Blower. Probably I will implemented this to my work after I get back to the office. I am very happy with this two days training. Hope Husin Group keep on doing the events with the specification in every industries.”

Petrojaya Boral Plasterboard (JAYABOARD) Senior Purchasing Manager
“It’s been a great chance to attend this training because the material that Colin Cram presented is very helpful and useful for our practical work when we get back to the office. It’s just a very nice arrangement about this training so we can get socialized with other company. Thank you very much to Colin and Husin Group.”

Trakindo Head of Centralised Procurement and office Operation
“Having the training conducted by Colin Cram I think is good for me to refresh my understanding of procurement also for my job. Thanks to Husingroup for held this training. I hope that there is other event similar to this with different parts of the world trainer so we can share the experience.”

Sorini Agro Asia Corporindo Procurement Manager
“I had attended this two days training with Colin Cram and I think he has a lot of experience in procurement. He expertise in handling Frauds, corruption and relative tender process with big values, but he is lack of detail in pratical example. So some of examples he gave are a bit too common for us. For examples, there are a few part which are good ideas but some part are not compatible for target audience which mostly are from private company.”

GMF Aeroasia VP Sales & Marketing
“My comment about this workshop is very nice & applicable. It’s combining of the theoretical & conceptual. International brand with the implementation on outsource in the industry. Husin Group very good company & run by the younger people, and very challenging. I hope Husin Group will become a good facilitator and good company in Indonesia."

GMF Aeroasia GM Marketing
“I joined this training with Prof. Leslie and I think it was very interesting, because he gave very practical examples of organizations who deal with the branding management. It was very positive for us to listen to his experiences. From the beginning Husin Group facilitated us to join the training positively, they try to communicate with us. And in terms of price, I think it was a good training, we just got a value of it.”

Kimberly-Clark Indonesia Trade Marketing Manager
“This training is really helpful to increase the understanding on how to develop brand’s concept. Prof. Leslie also gave some examples which are quite relevant and useful to be applicate it on our work. Thanks to Husin Group. This the first time I know Husin Group. I hope Husin Group keep on doing the events that help professionals in every industries.”

Softex Indonesia Marketing Manager
“I got so many knowledge from some case study. When we work, usually we are trap on our world of work’s paradigm. Actually there are old theory that we forget to applicate on our work. This training is really helpful to refresh our knowledge.”

Astra Daihatsu Motor Division Head Marketing
“I really satisfied with this training. This is far from my expectations! Prof. Leslie gave many insight about brand, on how the low cost approach can mark up our brand which can be from the product, packaging, promotions cost, PR, etc. Especially with addition of many insightful videos and examples from other industries.”

Bank CIMB Niaga Corporate Marketing Communications Head
“I have attended the Growing Brand Value through Creative, Low Budget Strategies workshop by Prof. Leslie. And I found out this workshop is excellent. Great speaker, great material and the organizer is also good. Well done preparation! Husin Group had organized the event very well!”

Bank OCBC NISP Wealth Management & Premier Banking Division Head
“I think this two days training is very inspiring and very useful! After this, we must ready to make a change. Very good!”

Bank Jabar (BJB) Head of Corporate Communications
“This workshop is really useful, especially for the company. After I joined this workshop I found out that we can’t just grow our brand value from the cost perspective, but from some other perspective, especially from costumer perspective. Prof. Leslie very excellent! He delivered the material in detail, gave the applicative case examples that can be accepted globally. I think this workshop is highly recommended to join.”

Indosat Division Head Youth Segment
“This seminar gives us a lot of benefit. It’s give us insight on what we can do for our brand from some case that had done in other country. So from that case examples we can see what exactly we need. One of the interesting subject is that we were taught the stages on how to make the most effective, efficient brand strategies that can improve our brand value. This workshop is really useful for me.”