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Bank ANZ Country Marketing-Branding & Consumer Insights
“Bringing good speaker in Indonesian market is refreshing and inspiring. It challenges us on what we could do and make a difference in the market. This is exactly what we need.”

Sunlife Financial VP Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications
“The Training was mind opening & creatively designed. Highly motivating!”

Premier Oil Country HR Manager
"I feel it was very good. The speaker, Executive Director from Human Capital Institute was an expert in the field and his theories can be implemented into the Indonesia human capital market."

Oracle Indonesia Marketing Director
"Husin Group Program brought an insight look of the current Indonesia business market"

Freeport Indonesia President Director
"It was really big pleasure to be in your class Frank. I found many interesting yet challenging materials, thanks for the material comprehensiveness. I want to keep in touch with you, and keep updating with the recent ROI measurement methodology"

Bakrie Telecom GM Brand Management ESIA
"Very good impression, very professional. Prof Leslie was insightful and aspirational. I have learned so much. Bravo for the examples given. Prof Leslie course building confidence to push brand within the organization."

Charoen Pokphand Indonesia VP HR
"A very fun & interactive training from Husin Group, I will recommend to my colleagues!"

Semen Gresik Strategic Procurement Policy Group GM
"Good management for held the training. It's very very important for the global/regional company for builld the competitive advantage."

MISC Integrated Logistics Malaysia HR Manager
"3D Recruiting is a very new concept in recruitment, interesting"

Coca-Cola National Organization & Talent Development Manager
“I think this seminar or training is very interesting, the content is well researched and prepared and I think Kevin is one of the best HR or talent expert in the world. That’s what I think.”

Badak LNG Specialist HRD
"Joining this training is very useful because I can find out what talent needs in the future and how to develop them to become good employees in accordance with the company and provide greater revenue to the company. This training is very good, thing to note is need to add another discussion session for many participants and too little time. In fact many things can be extracted if we got more time so it can be more useful to the needs of the company."

Bank Mandiri AVP
"The training was very useful for me and for the company, especially how we are doing recruiting talent and developing the use of social network, to support talent acquisition in order to get more leverage, other than that there are many things we learn here. In addition to talent acquisition is about the corporate university where currently we are developing the same thing which gives an overview about corporate university and can be implemented in my company. I see the training is quite well and I hope this training can be followed also by friends from other companies."

Bank Permata Head of L&D
"This 2 days I’ve been learning quite a good content in terms of how actually organization now involve interms of how they manage the talent and the most interesting thing is actually is about how generation Y now thinks and how they values become mainstream values and that’s the most valuable one. So it’s a good event keep on doing it."

Total E&P HR Head
"According to me this training is good because we should know about current situation outside and we can meet also with other colleagues from companies, my feedback is maybe in a future we can add a lot of like a discussion group or something because many participants coming from other company so it would be better if there is more discussion with the training."

Danone AQUA Resources Development Director
"A new way of recruiting in modern era. Looking forward for next workshop from Husin Group."

Astra Federal International Finance (FIF) Head of Training
"I have to give two thumbs up for Husin Group because they done a very really job in getting a world class speaker."

Bank BTPN Head of Talent Management
"This training is good to participated, the speaker done a very good job in delivering a very great content."

Bank Mandiri SVP HR
"Very good initiative to bring expertise to the real challenges"

Rajawali Corporation Head of Capital & Corporate Service
"Material and speaker quality is good and Kevin has delivered it very well"

Bank Rabobank Senior Corporate Communications
"By attending this training,it really helps me in writing report, press release and email correspondence. There are so many things that I forget and this training refreshs my thoughts. For instance, we'd been used to use basic english only which taught in high school. But in this training, we learned about the use of basic english for report writing which was really helpful."

Schlumberger Indonesia Finance Manager
"This two days training was helpful for me. I like the course, I like the trainer, and I like also the people who joined this training. I was really enjoying this training."