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Bank CIMB Niaga GM Procurement
"This class improves my knowledge in procurement, a lot of discussion from other industries, FMCG, manufacturing, oil & gas industries which gives me a different point of view in procurement. I suggest all other procurement colleagues to join this CIPM course."

Bank QNB Indonesia Head of General Services
"In this CIPM course, we will know a lot of key people in procurement from other companies, we also learn about procurement strategies, and also learn about measuring procurement and the impact on business entirely. In this class we will also know what is procurement contribution to business entirely."

Freeport Indonesia
Chief Engineer Contract Admin
"We joined Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers training by Husin Group. According to me, this training helps us open our knowledge on how to design a contract completely, minimize  dispute that will arose in the future."

Superintendent Contract Agreement & Compliance
"The trainer is very competent, what he taught in the class can be implemented in our company."

Chief Engineer Contracts Department
"This training is very beneficial for non lawyers, because will teach you what to pay attention in writing a contract, and also teach you on how the lawyers think and write a contract, gives me entirely a new perspective and new insights in writing a contract."

Superintendent Contract Administration
"From me, only two words to describe the training of Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers, its “Eye Opener”. Good luck for Husin Group."

Kangar Consolidated Industries Organizational Development Manager
"Powerful training for professional HR practitioners who wants to change to be more strategic to adapt dynamic business needs. Husin invited very good Trainer with excellence HR knowledge and good understanding of what future HR will be. The HR 'Executive Mini-MBA' is a recommended training for HR executive."

Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas MSIG HC Organization Design Senior Specialist
"What I learned from The HR 'Executive Mini-MBA' is outstanding, its very useful in my daily job to support HR operations and HR strategic for management, i hope other HR colleagues can join this course as well, because it will help you to improve in terms of knowledge and networking as well."

Electric Company Finance Division
"I joined the training Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers from Husin Group, the trainer used the very simple and basic language, non lawyers will easily understood the course. I will recommend this course for other non lawyer colleagues."

PLN Organizational Development Division
"Many knowledge and input I learned from the  training Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers from Husin Group, hopefully we can meet again in another Husin Goup training."

SICPA Peruri Securink Compliance Manager
"The training Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers from Husin Group is very useful for me, give me a wide knowledge, and things that I need to pay attention in analyzing contract, this course is very practical and very applicable in daily job."

Multibintang SIT Category Executive
"I learned a lot of knowledge from this CIPM, one of them is teaching me how to become a procurement manager in a professional way, which is we and the supplier must grow together, we must involved in the negotiation part, we also learn about market research, spend analysis, category materials, etc in this class. Thank you."

Pupuk Indonesia VP Daan Barang & Pengendalian Material
"What I remember the most in this class is about the case studies name: ROSMA Performance Check, it’s a new knowledge and very beneficial for me."

Bank Negara Indonesia GM Procurement Fixed Asset
"Many things we can learn from this CIM course especially best practices from international perspective, its good to have this knowledge where we can try to implement these practices locally. "

Freeport Indonesia Contracts Manager
"A lot of knowledge we can get from the trainer of CIPM, which will benefit to my daily jobs which needs supply chain management, negotiation, and purchasing skills."