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Bank CIMB Niaga GM Procurement
"This class improves my knowledge in procurement, a lot of discussion from other industries, FMCG, manufacturing, oil & gas industries which gives me a different point of view in procurement. I suggest all other procurement colleagues to join this CIPM course."

Bank QNB Indonesia Head of General Services
"In this CIPM course, we will know a lot of key people in procurement from other companies, we also learn about procurement strategies, and also learn about measuring procurement and the impact on business entirely. In this class we will also know what is procurement contribution to business entirely."

Freeport Indonesia Chief Engineer Contract Admin
"We joined Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers training by Husin Group. According to me, this training helps us open our knowledge on how to design a contract completely, minimize  dispute that will arose in the future."

Freeport Indonesia Superintendent Contract Agreement & Compliance
"The trainer is very competent, what he taught in the class can be implemented in our company."

Freeport Indonesia Chief Engineer Contracts Department
"This training is very beneficial for non lawyers, because will teach you what to pay attention in writing a contract, and also teach you on how the lawyers think and write a contract, gives me entirely a new perspective and new insights in writing a contract."

Freeport Indonesia Superintendent Contract Administration
"From me, only two words to describe the training of Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers, its “Eye Opener”. Good luck for Husin Group."

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited Division Manager
"What I am impressed in this training is the case study, the case study for discussion is from the real business and the Professor analyze and show how it relate to procurement. Unlike other training which the cases I get is for procurement only. This encourage me to discuss and exchange more information with other department because the business goal is sometimes might not align with procurement goal."

Global Power Synergy PLC Procurement Officer
"This course give me a lot of knowledge and perspectives about procurement in international level. As the lecturer has a lot of experiences in procurement and supply chain, I can get a lot of knowledge as well as meeting and discussing with many attendees from various companies with various experiences."

RMIT University Vietnam Senior Commercial Manager
"CIPM training is useful for us as procurement specialist, we learned a lot from the trainer Professor Zal Phiroz from Harvard University, i enjoyed very much of this training."

Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Technical Procurement Manager
"CIPM training covers procurement topics in a global perspectives, many good case studies presented in the class, many discussion activities in the class which makes you understand better each topic,the class also covers various topics like supply chain, logistics, which will broader your knowledge."

Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited Strategic Procurement Officer
"The CIPM training session is very useful for procurement professionals manager, director who want to specialize in procurement field. The Professor allow us to participate in a lot of discussion for each case studies, and see how it works in real life, and share the experiences we got from many different fields. I think it is very useful and we can adapt it to the real life."

Microchip Technology Thailand Supply Chain Team
"We are so glad that we attended this course, this course provide us many theories in supply chain that we can use them to analyze with different types of business/manufacturing models. This course also provide us with many knowledge that we can apply to our own company practices, we also understand more in overall supply chain business model."

Astra Honda Motor Department Head
"CISCM training content is very suitable for operational and businesses, we can learn best practices from other industries, moreover because participants comes from various industries and various countries, so can we learn how they apply supply chain in their industries, the actual situation. I hope by the end of this course I am able to learn how to manage the business, how to run the operational, and supply chain."

Molnlycke Health Care Thailand Planning and Logistics Director
"The trainer is Professor from Harvard University, very professional and knowledgeable trainer. We are exposed to a lot of study cases, various industries cases, from garment industries, automobile, fashion, retailer, this gives us a lot of different insights in supply chain field. The training is only 3 days and comprises of a lot of supply chain materials, there isn't much time to discuss into details each topics. And also another benefit of this training is, we get many diversify participants from various industries, this is a good networking platform for us, we also got knowledge sharing from another people from another industries."