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Shell Indonesia, B2B Direct Marketing Manager
"I think it’s a very good training. Cover a very wide topic of marketing and surely suitable for someone to know and to learn the fundamental of marketing. Everyone that wants to have knowledge and fundamental in marketing, this is a very good opportunity to learn. Suggestion, probably to have more depth to the topic and 3 days is too short to cover a lot of topic. So, probably a week of marketing will cover best. Thank you."

Softex Indonesia Marketing Manager
"I joined US Certified Marketing Manager. In 3 days of the training who guided by Prof. Francis Piron, I got a lot of benefit. Beside the theory, I got a lot of case study about the knowledge. Prof Francis Piron is good in giving the training. Everybody awake, no body sleeping. And this training is very applicable too. Success for Husin Group."

Telkomsel Sales Team
"We think this training and the speaker is good. The material is extraordinary."
Because we are sales team, following the marketing training make us have the same frequency with marketing people. So, we able to communicate each other better."
I agree with both of them, just one suggestion: 3 days is too short." Maybe better 5 days. With the same concept but do in 5 days."
Well, nice training. Give us another view about marketing. Because of all us from sales."

Semen Indonesia Engineering Project Director
"I joined this CMM training. At first, my expectation is quite high. International program. After I join 2 days, unfortunately. Maybe because of the time frame so not all the material can be explained. As the material given actually I have ever done but because the trainer is international standard, there are new knowledge that I got. I able to see more widely how to seethe international market. So, the material is quite good, just one suggestion the time is too short. Too many materials that given by prof but not enough time. Another suggestion for you, maybe the place for training don’t located in traffic so there are no wasting time. Ok good job. I hope success for all of you."

Telkom Telstra Senior Marketing Communication
"My feedback about this training of course positive. Especially about the knowledge which given to us. Very very valuable and many from us get refresh again about the foundation of marketing. Also it’s very helpful to me performing in the office.  How step by step be controller in office task. The trainer is very good. He is always do two way communication so each of us must be understand and get the application of the material. Not make us sleepy. This is a great training. He is very communicative. Maybe one suggestion , the time is too short with so many material.  I hope success."

Bank Rakyat Indonesia EVP Marketing Communication
"I am everyday in charge as head of marketing communication. I follow these certified marketing manager at which is certified from the US. I think the material is very good , very comprehensive, almost all aspects of marketing management are discussed by professor. So I think for professional colleagues who want to find a comprehensive marketing management , please join this short course."

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Indonesia Associate Director
"This is the first time I took part in training marketing class. This training is quite interesting , the lecture is very mastered in marketing field and this also increase my knowledge in the marketing division."

Telkomsel Indonesia International Marketing Plan & Strategy
"I joined the training CMM (Certified Marketing Manager) organised by Husin Group. My experience in this training is very useful , the material is very good and applicable. Other benefits that can be obtained is extend our networking. Participants here is not only marketing manager, we can learn a lot , and there are also some participants from other countries, so that we can develop our marketing knowledge not just based on theory. Hopefully Husin Group more successful in the future."

Trakindo Utama RUE Marketing Manager
"I think this is very good training because not only learning about marketing definition, but also how this marketing can help us as company deliver the products and then make it sustainable on the market and this is good for supporting us in daily job."

Telkomsel Indonesia International Marketing Communication Manager
"The positive about CMM is the professor and the audience is quite interactive. We like to have a networking and it’s good to know everybody here."

Sanghiang Perkasa (Kalbe Nutritionals) Head of Sales
"This training is useful for people like me, because the training teach you a lot about facing supplier, distributor, the structural of negotiation so we can set the objectives more clear and a right process will make the negotiation more productive. I believe this training will add skills for practitioners like us, especially in daily negotiation. The structural, content, systematic of this course is fine, perhaps need more case studies."

MRT Jakarta Legal Specialist
"This training is useful for me because its the first time I learn about types, strategies of negotiation, but because I work at government sector, so the case studies presented hard to apply in my field, it would be good if you can bring the speakers from Indonesia presenting government case studies."

Smartfren Telecom Head of Contract Management
"According to me, this training is useful for my job, I learned how to negotiate and also how to negotiate with international companies, eg: american, chinese, japanese companies, and also we learned how to handle a dispute."

Smartfren Telecom Contract Manager
"Its pretty good, it looks like eye opener for me. All the materials taught in here I think will beneficial for you in negotiating contract with your counter parts."

Adira Finance Sales Distribution Director
"I am in charge for sales and distribution, this Certified Marketing Manager training add me and my team knowledge in marketing."