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Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia HR Director
"I gain interesting experience from joining CHRM, not only concept, theory, application, but also the latest updated HR according to the input of our trainer who has lots of international exposure. I think this training is useful for us to get modern and updated HR knowledge, so we can implement back to our company."

AK Jasa Raharja Kasi Kesejahteraan
"I strongly recommend other BUMN HR colleagues to join Husin Group CHRM because it will increase your knowledge and quality of your HR division."

ex Mondelez Indonesia Learning & Development Manager
"This CHRM training give you updated on HR, 10 year or 5 years HR knowledge doesn't applicable again in today's world. In this training you were taught on HR process for today and the future"

Pembangkitan Jawa Bali PJB Kepala Dvisi Pengembangan HRD
"I joined the HR training is to learn about HR industry from hired to fired process, and also to network with HR practitioners from other industry. The result is very good, the trainer is active and very participative, we get the knowledge and i hope Husin Group keep doing this in the future."

Pembangkitan Jawa Bali PJB General Manager PJB Academy
"This CHRM training is very useful to increase capability of HR people, what i experience myself with previously 13 years in engineering and no experience in HR, and I join this CHRM course, I really learn a lot, increase my knowledge in making designing a better HR policy. Most of the employees only think about efficiency and profit of company, but actually there are many HR values that plays a very important part in the success of company. This CHRM gives me very good strategies in running the PJB Academy in the future."

SCHOTT Igar Glass HR & GA Manager
"My feedback for this CHRM training, so far so good. The trainer is very knowledgable, the delivery of the training is also very participative. A lot of HR knowledge we used to know, after we attended the training, we become more understandable."

Asuransi Jiwa Bringin Jiwa Sejahtera Bringin Life Kepala Divisi MSDM & Diklat
"This training helps me to become a better HR person, we also got a lot of sharing and best practices from the trainer, which will help us in our company."

Pupuk Sriwidjaja (Pusri) Manager Ketenagakerjaan
"This training is important because we need to prepare our HR employees to be better."

Tabungan dan Asuransi Pensiun (TASPEN) Assistant Manager HR
"I joined this CHRM training because i am new to HR world, I need to upgrade my HR knowledge. this training is the right training for me because it teach you from HR compensation & benefit, training, development, i can give a lot of input for my company after the course."

Adira Finance Risk Management Director
"I joined this CMM training, Prof Francis conduct the course very concise, refresh our marketing knowledge especially on the established framework of marketing or updated framework, i think marketing colleagues worthed to join this marketing course."

Pertamina Lubricants Sales Area Manager Retail Bogor
"This CMM training is outstanding, we learn a lot marketing knowledge, maybe some of them we have been doing in daily job, but with this CMM training we get in-depth studying of marketing, hopefully we can improve our job in marketing."

Lafarge Holcim Head of Pricing Management & Business Intelligence
"I joined this world class marketing is to learn the world class marketing best practices, this 3 days marketing course is so packed and give a lot of input on how marketing should be implemented, I recommend other colleagues to join this CMM training."

Pertamina Lubricants SAM Retail DKI Jakarta
"This course is very important for me because we do our daily job without really understanding the core of marketing and product marketing knowledge, this class give us a lof of insight and it help us in making decision."

Bank Chinatrust CTBC Indonesia Product and Marketing Department Head
"This CMM course is well packaged by Husin Intelligence, the material is very good at refreshing our basic concept of marketing knowledge, the trainer is very good at marketing field and can help us interpret for the marketing implementation on different industries, and also give us a reference on our daily marketing. Overall i am quite happy and of course will I recommend this course for development and other marketing colleagues."