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Pearl Oil Senior HR Manager
"I found this training very beneficial and useful it’s a discussion of the current situations and talent management from recruitment selection, hiring and development including leadership development. I recommended that the all professional attended the training."

Chandra Asri Petrochemical GM Investor Relation
"Extremely a good training material, a lot of new technic we learn."

Wartsila HRGAIM Director
"I joined the future of talent, why did I join? Because future of talent is hot topic, and delivered by Kevin because he's very detail usually is not the case in training but it's great not just theory but how do we apply to our daily work."

Danareksa Director
"I'm very grateful for the opportunity given by Husin Group. This was one of rare workshop which first time discussed about "Change". Husin Group brought most capable and competent speakers in their fields. We've also got a lot of training materials resources in such convenient training room and all were set up well."

ex Lafarge Cement Indonesia Marketing Director
"The content of the presentation is quite refreshment for me because we as a practitioner we practice marketing everyday. Leslie reminds us on the steps and process of branding with lots of exercise. He talks about the brand vision, how do brand works in the market which is very useful for me because we can see how the value added of brand to the products."

Vale Indonesia Vice President Director
"I have been joining this two days workshop or training for future leader. It is very good, a lot of inside especially how we utilize social media to reach our potential candidate, potential market and I know that very tough challenges for almost all of industry so this topic would be very useful for all of industry I think we have to share more often in order to come out a better idea."

Kaltim Pasifik Amoniak VP Manufacturing
"I'm really happy to join this workshop. Now I know what to indicate what I've lost. By having this workshop the improvement will be happen. Thank you so much to the provider for making this happen."

ex Mandala Airlines Chief Marketing Officer
"The conference provided invaluable insight into the challenges and strategies employed by many companies to address a complex and technical subject. The sharing of cross-industry information was enlightening and enabled us to make improvements in our business processes. The subject knowledge and detailed analysis enabled a thorough grasp of a complex area and I am sure everyone benefited from this event"

Astra Otoparts Marketing Division Head, Domestic Market
"The way of delivering from Prof Leslie is quite interesting, not boring at all. Along this 2 days session is useful, highly recommended. Thank you to Husin Group."

Fedex Indonesia/RPX Holdings CEO
“I’m joining this training with Prof. Malcolm McDonald for marketing plans. It’s very simple and it open up our mind, because we were told that some thing that we don’t know before. Although we have been doing it for many times, but this is like a new thing for us. I think it would be great for our future and our company.”

Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd Singapore Director Group Commercial
"This conference was very well organised and highly professional. I was impressed with the level of participation during the session. Good interaction between the trainer and participants. "

BlueScope Steel Indonesia VP Residential
"It was a bit boring in day 1 presentation because we have done value preposition quite a lot in our company training, but in day 2 it become interesting. Overall it was a good training, I like the workshop."

Bank Mandiri Senior Manager Consumer Loan Group
"Husin Group Program is good for developing our marketing and product strategy."

Bank Bumi Arta Head of Marketing
"Husin Group manage to bring an experienced trainer for Developing High Growth Strategy Program."

Mercedes Benz Dealer Dipo General Manager
"Husin Group Program can help executives in developing new strategies"

Pelabuhan Indonesia IV Senior Analyst HR
"The materials were very good, the study case was interactive, we were all involved in it. The knowledge is wide globally where at first I didn't know about leadership, now I have learn the skills, the methods, and what kind of leadership style we are. I wish this kind of training can be organized more often."

Bank Negara Indonesia Relationship Manager for Financial Institutions
"This training is very useful and stimulating. Mr Steve is very attractive and we can get engaged directly with it's case study. This training is very useful for all managersin how to become a good leader, can face all types of person, and can unite the team to achieve the best result."

ASSAB Steels Indonesia President Director
"Prof Leslie branding lecture is very good, very relevant to what I am doing. What makes the Prof Leslie course is so attractive is that he used many gestures, eye contacts, tools, body languages. I recommend this branding course to everyone that want to build their brand."

ex AXIS World GM - Pricing, CRM and Customer Insights
"It was very insightful and useful interacting with professionals from different industries and same challenge: how to price smarter to create better shareholder returns. I am thankful to Husin Group for having me as a speaker at this interesting professional panel."

ex Philips Indonesia Customer Marketing Mgr
"Husin Group Prof Leslie Branding Course is a true experience for every marketers. The training is damn good, it’s a great opportunity to have Leslie in Jakarta besides of his busyness as a Professor and trainer. Looking forward to have Husin group next training."

ex Sony Ericsson Indonesia Country Marketing Mgr
"The branding workshop is well coordinated by Husin Group. For me it’s a good break, looking from some other perspective on how brand really works"