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Bank Victoria Head of Marketing Communication
"I joined Leslie class, the initial thought was because the name of the training was so exciting. A combination between creative and also low cost, I think that was the reason I took the training. And when I came in, the class was really stimulating in a sense we get a chance to get to know other people in the same sort of field and also at the same time Leslie's teaching, his knowledge and his case study are very useful and practical so that we can use them for daily work as well." 

Bank Negara Indonesia VP Marketing Communication
"This is a very good training, I learn a lot of new things. Normally when we think about marketing promotion is always related to big budget, through this training Prof. Leslie teach us how to manage promotion in a cost efficiency way."

Fonterra Brands Indonesia Marketing Manager
"This is a good training session, especially for marketeers because from here you can think outside the box and have the courage to do that is very unconventional in the Indonesian market."

Dexa Medica Brand Manager
"I join this training Low Budget Brand Marketing with Prof. Leslie. The training is good, we can get new information where we can use in our work place, and the materials is complete, holistic, can be studied from various side, either strategy side or action plan. I will be waiting for the next training from Husin Group that is applicable to Marketing World."

Bank Mandiri Collection Team
"A lot of new skills on negotiation that I have learn which I didn't know before, few of the negotiation technique can be implemented at my workplace later on. Negotiation skills is not only how to negotiate well but to know the knowledge itself too. A lot of new ideas can be input our company for continues improvement. I never know before how to do the collection properly, here we got shared few tips from the speaker and other participants on how to negotiate well, what are the steps, how to get information from out clients. Hope our collection team will get better and better."

Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk Business Development Manager
"Slimming Organization not much slimming services. Keep your services in excellent"

ABM Investama Corporate Secretary
"I found this course is very useful for negotiation. I thought in the beginning I knew how to negotiate, now I realize that what I have been doing all along is positional, bargaining instead of interest based negotiation. Very useful."

Chevron Pacific Indonesia Team Leader Investigation & Audits
"I attended this negotiation training course is very useful, even though my work not related to negotiation but I think this negotiation skills can be used for any kind of job, because the important thing in this training is that we have to be a good listener."

APL Care VP Sales
"What I really like about training from Husin, somehow Husin is able to attract to get a very good quality speakers that really fit our business not just a very theoretical or high level training, but very down to earth, very practical and can be straightly deployed our tips. Very-very benefits for the company"

Toyota Astra Finance Operation Division Head
"I think this training is quite good, it can assist me in my work especially in negotiating with my clients, with internals, etc. and this training have really help me a lot."

United Tractors Sales Manager
"This Key Account Management training is very good. We learn a lot in handling customers, especially Premium Customers. This 2 days training, I think needed more times because we have to do study case where we must need more time to discuss the study case and can learn more from the speaker himself."

Santos Jaya Abadi (Kapal Api) Head Of Modern Trade
"This 2 days training organized by Husin Group was superb, especially it is regarding Key Account Management. I think Key Account Management is really important nowadays when you look at the Global Markets which are dynamic, that's why we need to learn lots of knowledge and skills. In this state, Prof Malcom McDonald have delivered it to us. Thank You Husin Group for this training."

Novo Nordisk National Key Account Manager
"I am interested to attend this Key Account Management training because at this moments pharmaceuticals industry really need Key Account experts, and we will implemented the knowledgewe learn here, to bring profitable for our company and more success."

Bank Rakyat Indonesia Group Head Credit Card
"Even though credit card is a mass marketing. This training conduct by Prof Malcolm McDonald is really useful because in today's era even though we are a mass production but managing the key accounts is very essential because key accounts itself will develop and win the competition era. "

Cipta Krida Bahari GM Sales& Marketing
"I am happy I could join this training, cos we get to share the knowledge & skills from Prof Malcolm who wrote the book of Key Account. I can share the knowledge with my co-worker back at the office."