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Siam Cement Group SCG Thailand Asst Mgr Vendor Management & QA
"CIPM training is a good course to know fundamental to advanced level of procurement knowledge, and also best to know about best practice from other countries."

Thai Military Bank (TMB Thailand) Procurement Specialist
"You can learn a lot from CIPM course, you will also meet many procurement colleagues from other industries. in the class we are sharing many real situation which sometimes not indicated in any theories. This is a very good course by Husin Group, I recommend other procurement professionals to join this course."

Danieli Thailand Procurement Department Mgr
"I joined CIPM training by Husin Group, the class is very useful, I get new knowledge, experience and have chances to share these all with other people. Normally its very hard to find this kind of class in Thailand, that got instructors by leading universities (Harvard University). I recommend other procurement colleagues to join this class."

Hafele Thailand, Cambodia Operations Director
"I joined CIPM and CISCM training by Husin Group in Bangkok, I am very happy with these 2 trainings, I am ready to transform my ideas and improvement project ready into action. The materials are very good, there are a few good slides that can put into improvement project, and this will keep me busy for the couple of weeks ahead. I recommend anyone in operation, business functions to join this course to improve their operational performance."

Brand’s Suntory International Thailand, Regional Demand Fulfillment Director
"I attended CISCM by Husin Group in Bangkok, what I like about the course is the case studies which I think is very good, and also the networking with other SCM experts in the same industries so we can have the best practices benchmark."

Jaspal Thailand Logistics Director
"We can get knowledge and networking out of this training. I recommended other supply chain and logistics people to join this training, because this training can help you support your idea. And also we can learn a lot of case studies from CISCM which can be applied back to our organization, I encouraged everyone to join CISCM training."

The Mall Thailand Replenishment Manager
"This CISCM training course if very useful, a lot of information and case studies from international best practices, some cases we never met before."

Siam Cement Group, chemical company Thailand Production Scheduling Section
"This CISCM training is to refresh some supply chain knowledge, but the difficult part is how to execute it. another advantage of this course you can get a lot of networking."

Asuransi Jiwa Sinarmas MSIG HC Organization Design Senior Specialist
"What I learned from The HR 'Executive Mini-MBA' is outstanding, its very useful in my daily job to support HR operations and HR strategic for management, i hope other HR colleagues can join this course as well, because it will help you to improve in terms of knowledge and networking as well."

Electric Company Finance Division
"I joined the training Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers from Husin Group, the trainer used the very simple and basic language, non lawyers will easily understood the course. I will recommend this course for other non lawyer colleagues."

PLN Organizational Development Division
"Many knowledge and input I learned from the  training Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers from Husin Group, hopefully we can meet again in another Husin Goup training."

SICPA Peruri Securink Compliance Manager
"The training Practical Contract Law for Non Lawyers from Husin Group is very useful for me, give me a wide knowledge, and things that I need to pay attention in analyzing contract, this course is very practical and very applicable in daily job."

Multibintang SIT Category Executive
"I learned a lot of knowledge from this CIPM, one of them is teaching me how to become a procurement manager in a professional way, which is we and the supplier must grow together, we must involved in the negotiation part, we also learn about market research, spend analysis, category materials, etc in this class. Thank you."

Pupuk Indonesia VP Daan Barang & Pengendalian Material
"What I remember the most in this class is about the case studies name: ROSMA Performance Check, it’s a new knowledge and very beneficial for me."

Bank Negara Indonesia GM Procurement Fixed Asset
"Many things we can learn from this CIM course especially best practices from international perspective, its good to have this knowledge where we can try to implement these practices locally. "

Freeport Indonesia Contracts Manager
"A lot of knowledge we can get from the trainer of CIPM, which will benefit to my daily jobs which needs supply chain management, negotiation, and purchasing skills."