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Telkomsel Head of Sales Analysis & Synergy
“Joining this training I find it very breakthrough, so several theory of marketing I find it after the training is good. I have some new point of view of how marketing will look like and how we really link marketing theory to the value creation. This workshop show me how to do it in real life. So I’m looking forward to bring all the values that I received from the workshop to my real work. Additional comments, is too short, because Prof. Malcolm McDonald have 50 years experience is like want to share his 50 years experience in two days. This is too much to choose, so I think the weekend I need to read again some material because there are some things I need to know.”

PTT Polymer Marketing Thailand Chief Representative Jakarta
“This is a rare and good opportunity to join this seminar especially for Prof. Malcolm McDonald and Husin Intelligence Group as well. Thank you for this. I gained a lot of knowledge and also challenge my knowledge to all the attendees as well.”

HESS Indonesia HR Advisor
“My opinion about this training, day 1 structured by a bit of school book but in the end of that I can catch up in this case because I know how is the content of this theory in reality of our work. How to make it implemented in our company. Day 2, when discussing about intergrated theory. I think, the context must be more creative with the crazy idea. How to make it more life. In our situation on the last past of this second day talking about written of investment in the bottom line. Idea creative is very important to make sure how is our delivery of HR function to the business.”

Telkomsel Head of Management & Leadership Learning Department
“I was attending this two days workshop, the content is very insightful and very comprehensive. Starting from the overview of the current and also the future situation. The experience that were brought by speaker is very fast, wide, and also the progression is very good. I hope for the next workshop will be at least as good as today.”

Boehringer Ingelheim Marketing Manager
“I’m very glad and I think this is a very rare and great opportunity for me to learned from Prof. Malcolm McDonald. In this two days training, what we can get is a true guidance and guideline on how we can proceed with our marketing plans. And not just an ordinary marketing plans, but this one is really a true world class marketing plans from world class lecturer like Prof. Malcolm McDonald.”

Pembangkitan Jawa Bali President Director Secretary
“I’m really happy to attend this workshop because this workshop is really good for me because my company the specialty is to product electricity. My boss definitely need a PA because we have power plants all over Indonesia, and I now understand to do my job a lot better.”

Kangean Energy Executive Secretary
“I think this training is quite good for us because we can get understanding more from the expert in English. So it make us to open our horizon in the next period that we didn’t have before.”

Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) Secretary Director
“By attending this 3 days Diploma in Personal Assistance. I’ve gained a lot of information, experience and also good networking.”

Thyssenkrupp Polysius Indonesia Assistant to BOD
“I think this training is very good for us as a PA, it is encourage us to learn more about what a PA should do or how your boss should treat you or how you should ask your boss to treat you and also the other thing that connected to it.”

Bank Mandiri Secretary to President Director
“Dr. Gareth Osborneis very qualified and he enriched my knowledge about PA by giving me more new technics and tools in doing my job. You should send your PA to attend this Diploma PA class.”

Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (PELNI) First Secretary
“It’s very useful for me. The trainer is very qualified. I suggest to everybody if you want to develop your PA knowledge you have to attend this short course.”

Danareksa Executive Secretary to CEO
“I’m joining this course because I really can find very beneficial specially from the invitation and also the information given by Husin Intelligence Group it’s very useful. And it is very useful for me to know what kind of course is this. And while I’m googling the speaker and knowing the content is very useful. I’m glad that I joining this course. It’s really motivate me to have a change for company and do the best for my company.”

GlaxoSmithKline Indonesia Executive Assistant
“I’m really enjoying my time here in this 3 days training. Gareth presented his knowledge very clear so we can understand what he shared with us about the PA. I’m sure I really looking forward to implemented all his knowledge when I get back to my office.”

BP Indonesia PA to Head of Country
“It’s really a great workshop organized by Husin Group. I gained a lot of knowledge and information from the expertise like Dr. Gareth Osborne. I recommend for other PA in Jakarta or other city in Indonesia to attend this course. Don’t miss it. You will be very lucky if you can attend this workshop.”

Chevron Indonesia Executive Assistant to President Director
“The training was very very educational. In these 3 days we had experienced a lot of interacts and study case and of course Dr. Gareth is very good in delivering the presentation. Clear language and simple English so that we can understand since English is the second language for us. And this 3 day of this MBA workshop made us very confident in going back to our office and do our work. Thank you for arranging this very informative workshop and also thank you to the speaker, Gareth Osborne.”

Bank Permata VP Procurement
“Good achievement to get a very senior person (Colin) in conducting procurement training, it’s a rare opportunity.”