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Freeport Indonesia Head of Domestic Procurement Services
"Joining this CIPM training course to broaden and to know how other industries conduct the procurement that will become a base mark, can network with other procurement friends as well. CIPM course is very useful because it is presented by a very qualified expert and also his experience can be shared among all the participants. For colleagues that want to join this course, suggested have experienced in procurement because in this course many advanced discussions and most of the participants are experienced procurement professionals."

Kimia Farma Manager Pengadaan
"I attended this CIPM training with the purpose to improve my skills and competence in procurement division at Kimia Farma. I found a lot of interesting things from this training. Will be better if: because this training is very advanced, we have a few steps of trainings which is from beginning, intermediate to advanced, overall this training is very recommended."

Goodyear Indonesia ASEAN Purchasing Category Manager for MRO and Equipment
"This training is good because Husin Group brought expert and just now there are many discussions which made us easier to understand."

Indosat Division Head Finance & Supply Chain Audit
"The training is very good, it is very helpful for my work, especially regarding procurement techniques with international standardization and indeed provides experience as well as how to practice procurement operationally. Improvement for this training, not that I can think of, if possible more Indonesia case studies."

Mercedes Benz Indonesia Procurement Deputy Director
"I joined Certified International Procurement Manager course because I see this course is very useful for me, I had the opportunity to see the latest technology procurement process presented by Dr. Graw. Besides, this course attended by other procurement colleagues from a multi-disciplinary and multi industrial, we can also learn about how the procurement process applied in their place, we can make it as a base mark or a sharing point. I think this is a very good course for buyer and procurement."

DBS Indonesia Head of Group Procurement Services
"I learned a lot from this training, especially the latest updates in the world of procurement and this could open our horizons and also network with many friends in procurement."

Ericsson Indonesia Sourcing Category Manager
"The training was good and trained by a world class caliber expertise. I think this would benefited me professionally and a lot of new things need to develop from myself in order to improve my procurement expertise.  However not all of the procurement process would be applied in my current work activities because here in my organization we split sourcing, contract management and supply chain in to each of different division due to the SOX requirement. In overall I can say that this training was really good, and I would like to thank you to organize this event to us."

Holcim Indonesia Category Sourcing Manager
"I currently attended training Certified International Procurement Manager organized by Husin Group which is a very well known training organizer, the procurement certification is from IPSCMI, the President himself come down to Indonesia to teach. I think this training is very recommended for procurement manager in particular who wants to improve competencies at the same time improve the procurement process in order to become world class procurement. Highly recommended."

Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHEONWJ) Goods Procurement Manager
"For this CIPM training gave me extensive insight and opened my horizon about what things should be considered and understood as a professional Supply Chain particularly in the context of managing a team or resources in a company to achieve the best results and value."

Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah (LKPP) Kepala SubDitrektorat Pengelolaan dan Pembinaan LPSE
"Training held by Husin Intelligence Group is very important for the government to get a different perspective, especially international procurement best practice. If we look from the teacher or facilitator who presented, Mr. Graw, able to provide a different perspective between the private and government because he had done both. There is a combining point between regulations in LKPP and what the private sector does. Back to the office I will give new ideas that simple government procurement is not wrong. Negotiation can be done in simple procurement, but in government procurement everyone avoided the negotiation part. In this 3 days I learned a lot of new perspectives, the materials are too much for 3 days course. From what I see only myself is from government, the presented knowledge not only in private but also government sectors, would be best if Husin Intelligence Group invite more government participants."