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Booz Allen Hamilton Procurement Consultant
"Before I joined the CIPM training I have already been in international procurement for a few years, with this CIPM training it teaches me more detailed in my international procurement knowledge. For my friends who are procurement consultant for companies and government, especially for government, I highly recommended this CIPM training, so you can have different perspective especially for government in managing your procurement in the future."

AMMAN Mineral Manager Corporation
"This training is very beneficial for my personal development, we learned a lot of new things that we are missing because since we are in the management class long time ago, we have been missing a lot of new things to use it in a practical way. This course delivered the missing parts and practical skills. We recommend procurement colleagues to join this CIPM course."

Ophir Energy Indonesia Contracts, Procurement and Logistics Manager
"This is the second time I joined Husin Group training, this time it is called CISCM. For me, Husin Trainer Professor John Paul is very interested, helps me in facing the challenges of supply chain in Indonesia. I hope this certification course can bring us all benefit."

Bank Bukopin Treasury Manager
"The CISCM training is very good because it gives us ideas which is simple ideas remind us again about the concept in supply chain, developing of our company supply chain, view of supply chain from different angle, ho to implement supply chain in our daily lives."

Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Manager Procurement Planning of GCS
"The benefit of this CISCM program is to get more advanced knowledge of supply chain, more strategic, so we can sustain the companies in doing supply chain management in its business process. The training delivery is very good, very straight to the point, especially for strategic people at our level, so I think it is very important for companies, especially government companies to send people to join CISCM so they can know more detail, advanced about supply chain management. My only input is, better to give summary in advanced, don't give a stack of materials at one time."

Propan Raya Operations Manager
"The CISCM training is very pack, the trainer is good, and I think it is very useful for us to implement the training in our companies."

Halliburton Indonesia Operations Manager
"The CISCM training is very good especially for me who has been in this supply chain industry for more than 10 years, where I struggle to face what is happening on the field without knowing what is the structure, systematic method to execute the supply chain processes. This training gives me a platform to improve my supply chain."

United Tractors Department Head, Komatsu Big KAC, KMG & Cummins
"Many things I learned from this training, the trainer gives a lot of global examples, very useful for my job in my company. The material is good, very complete, trainer also very knowledgeable in supply chain."

Wijaya Karya (Persero) Project Manager Overseas
"The training is good for me because it teaches many overseas example so it is very relevant to my department, especially in planning and execution of supply chain."

Wijaya Karya (Persero) Procurement Manager
"It was amazing, a lot of knowledge we get from this program, I hope it continues, thank you."

Perum BULOG Procurement Team
"The trainer is very communicative, the material is very important and related to our job in the office. I am very thankful in this training is taught about the contract, I didn't expect to get materials about the contract drafting, and it is very very useful for us."

Angkasa Pura 2 Chief of Project Business Air Traffic Development
"I attended the KAM course, its a good course, it let you know who is your key customers. By knowing your key customers, you will know what is your key customers' problem and you will solve the problem for them, in the end it will increase your company profit."

Nestle Indonesia KAM Team
"We attended the KAM course, this course is very useful and valid for me because i handle Indomaret as my biggest customers in Nestle Indonesia, the knowledge learned in this course can be applied in my job."

"The material is very useful, I hope to achieve my team ultimate goal through this training."

"I am the one in charge for alfamart business, this course teach me a lot in handling my key account customers, strongly recommended other KAM manager to join."