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Ericsson Indonesia Strategic Sourcing Manager
"A lot of knowledge we can learn in this CIPM course, especially when the trainer Prof John Paul share his experience, we can implement the knowledge in our daily job."

Ericsson Indonesia Strategic Sourcing Manager
"My objective in attending the CIPM is to get knowledge besides of the certification, and also to get benchmark in commodity/sourcing world. What I get from this course, the trainer Prof John Paul very experienced in his field, really understand the procurement world, what he taught in the class can improvised our daily work in procurement."

Telkomsel Category Manager
"The CIPM course is very interesting, a few things why the course is interesting, first we got insight knowledge from someone (trainer) that has deep knowledge of supply chain management, second we have a lot of group discussion about best practices in procurement world from the trainer and other colleagues, so what we learn can be implemented in our company, especially currently in my company we are doing a procurement transformation, we need the best practices out there so we can successfully implement the best practices in our company."

Telkomsel Manager Buyer
"My company currently is doing a procurement transformation, by attending this course we are being refresh with all the process we are doing at the moment, we get the theory and knowledge in more deep dive, and we can implement it when we back to the office."

Coats Rejo Indonesia Head of Procurement
"CIPM course is a very interesting course, its three days course but it has a very compact materials, it has all the materials we are required to perform our job as the procurement manager, and we can also reflect what we have been doing in our company versus what we learned here in the class, i mean the best practices which have been applied in several industries globally. The trainer Prof John Paul with his lots of knowledge and experience, has a lot of model and tools that we can adopt to our daily procurement job. If you are a procurement manager, I would suggest you to attend this kind of training, very interesting, good training, and make sure you are certified for CIPM."

Aplikanusa Lintasarta Junior Manager Procurement
"This CIPM course is the top of all the procurement courses I have attended, the added value from this course is you will get US and internationally well known certified CIPM (if you passed the exam)."

Yummy Food Utama PPIC & Logistic Manager
"Every supply chain people must attend this CISCM course to upgrade, benchmark their knowledge, good lecture Prof John Paul, Thanks."

Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama Superintendent Procurement
"At first I only understand procurement function is buying products and coordinate with user in my company, when I attended CIPM course by Prof John Paul I finally understand procurement is about team work, challenges responsibilities in the whole chain, we have to know about finance, supply chain, forecast, demand planning, etc. I think the CIPM course is a good course to join."

Multibintang Category Ex Buyer
"I attended the CIPM course is to learn from Prof John Paul. The material is indeed a lot, some theories taught in this class we have been doing that in our company, as for the other theories I think we need to learn more from John Paul. I hope we all attended the CIPM course can passed the exam and get certified, and can do more when we are back to our company."

Kalbe Farma SCP Senior Manager
"CISCM is a very useful course, I can see the whole picture of supply chain management from end to end, and its very useful for my job. Because the training only 3 days, its not covered very detailed due to time constraint, so I suggest this course only for senior level supply chain management practitioner."

Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace) Spv Material Planning
"This CISCM course is very good for my company, I can implement what is taught in this course to my subordinate in the company."

Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace) Spv Purchasing
"This CISCM course is very good for my need, one input is need to have more case studies for each modules."

Petrokimia Gresik Staff Diswil I
"Attending the CISCM I get many knowledge of supply chain updates, of course these will beneficial for the implementation of supply chain in our company because our company has a lot of distribution from upstream to downstream. This CISCM has many materials we can use as reference in the implementation. Its very good to share with my colleagues back in the company. Now I come out with a lot of supply chain good ideas."

Pembangunan Perumahan PP (Persero) Head of SCM and Strategic Partnership Manager
"This course added my knowledge for my new supply chain management division."

"This training useful for adding knowledge, and also we can share experience with other colleagues in this training, we hope we can implement it directly when we go back to our company."