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Pupuk Kalimantan Timur Kepala Bagian Pengadaan Spare Part
"I joined Husin Intelligence Group CIPM training conducted in Jakarta. I think this is very attractive training, and then I advice for procurement manager from all industry, background should join this training. The training is very valuable and it is very necessary for the manager from procurement background."

BUT Saka Indonesia Pangkah Limited Procurement & General Support Supervisor
"This workshop has provided me with a wide array of knowledge in international procurement. Very good to have different perspective as compare to domestic and regulated procurement."

Bank Victoria Head of HR
"I was interested to join this training from Husin Group, with it's materials regarding leadership in our economic times. I want to know the leaders competition in Indonesia, must know how to guide it's subordinates because leader's function is to increase our company. If a leader cannot be fit in their places, then that company cannot develop better. This training is good and hope Pak Husin can maintain it."

Kawan Lama ACE Hardware HR Director
"A lot of knowledge and skills I have receive from this training, it is very useful. For those who wants to know more about leadership globally, I suggest you use this opportunity."

Lintasarta GM DataCom Operations Maintenance
"This two days training I learn about the development of economical and leadership, two combination which brings benefits for a leader to have a wider point of view. From my view it will be much effective if this materials can be given to us in advance in Bahasa Indonesia, so that we can implement first, can be visualized with what we have in our country"

Bank Tabungan Negara Business Retail & Service Department Head
"This training have taught me that leadership is not just about becoming a leader but must have some changes, because from this changes will make us a better leader, from this changes follower will follow us by itself."

Bank ICBC Indonesia Head of Corporate Strategy Transformation Leader, Head of Learning & Development
"The speaker is very engaging very interactive. What separate this training from other training is that the speaker is highly qualified, keep the audience engaged and is very entertaining as well. Good job."

Atlas Copco Indonesia Branch Manager
"Dr. Leroy have shared with us his 30 years experience in Supply Chain. The module was too long with only 3 days, is too short not enough. But overall it was a good and interesting training."

Indonesia Power Head of Tendering & Sourcing
"I feel lucky to have joined this training, not only because of the certificates itself but we were trained by the expert who is very much experience in Supply chain field that is Dr. Leroy who is also the Founder of International Purchasing And Supply Chain Management Institute, which were accredited in the world and in advance in Supply Chain Management. We hope SCM in Indonesia can take the advantage of what have Husin Intelligence Group offered and what have Dr. Leroy taught." 

Kalbe Farma SCM/PPIC General Manager
"From this 3 days trainings, I have received a lot of knowledge, even though is more to the theory management itself, although in practically is different. A lot of discussion regarding purchasing, contracts, regulations, how can we make contracts, especially global contracts which is tight with regulations. For the lecturer itself, in theory he is very good but for practically is a bit different to what I experience in the field, but some of the skills I can implemented in my company." 

NS Bluescope Indonesia Business Excellence Manager
"This CISCM is quite good for supply chain managers to upgrade their knowledge on supply chain entirely. We get so many experiences from the speakers Dr. Leroy whether is from his academic or his professional experiences. With a full of 3 days training materials is quite a lot of input which we can improve in our supply chain system. I wish the training can take more than 3 days, like a week or make it 5 days training."

CNOOC Indonesia Head of Procurement
"My experience joining this training is quite impressive by Dr.Leroy. We gained a lot of knowledge from supply chain International parties experiences, which we can combine with the condition here in Indonesia. Some of the skills can be implemented here in Indonesia but some of them can not because we are restricted by the rules in Indonesia. But is a good comparison between supply chain management in Indonesia and supply chain International."

PLN Batubara HR Deputy Manager
"The program is interesting, the speaker is a person who have gain so much experience not only from it's education but also practical. For me, maybe we can explore more on cases. Some of the cases are interesting but maybe it can be more locally, more to Indonesian market cases."