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APL Care VP Sales
"This is very good opportunity for me to learn something about the Key Account Management Lecturing by Prof Malcolm McDonald from UK. To me personally some lessons from this just some refresh my knowledge skills but some of them are really new I can learn something from this and possibly part of this I will quite use and utilize to my team and managing the key accounts customers because we cover lot range of customers from the Hospitals, Medical Doctors Pharmacies and some outlets including Modern Trade."

Total E&P Indonesie Head Of Recruitment
"This training is good, gives a lot of new knowledge and new insight for me as a recruiter in my organization. Hope at the end of this training I can get more skills where I can implement back in my company. "

Bank Central Asia Head of Sub Div Human Capital Strategy & Solution
"I think this program is interesting, because from this program we know few factors which affect recruitment, starting from beginning strategy not only the recruitment process but also on boarding and how retention is made towards the person recruited itself and the measurement too. We gain lots of knowledge from this program not only how to do it but also why we do it."

Indosat Talent Mapping & Career Planning Manager
"Thank you, you give us good training it really open our mind to become innovative in recruitment."

Bank UOB Indonesia Brand Performance & Corporate Communication Head
"This strengthen Brand Performance the first training of Husin Group I joined is very inspiring and refresh new things in current business"

“I would like to share with you this is a good opportunity for me to attend this training, which is presented by Prof. Malcolm McDonald. He is a very good mentor, teacher and very good in sharing his experience. Of course for the last two days I got a lot of things and learning a new thing, especially for the marketing side. This is something new, not only just ordinary marketing. This is really something that is out of the box. I thank you for Husin Group give us world class speaker invitation. This is the second time that I follow Husin Group workshop and both of the classes are very gorgeous. And I learned a lot, especially when I implemented to my office.”

"This is the third time for me to attend this seminar conducted by Husin Group, I think all the speakers are very-very good because i can learn a lot from the speakers with The World Class Quality so you should come and enjoy the seminar for the next coming seminar."

Indosat Marketing Communication Group Head
"I feel this training is really useful, very insightful to see the trends that are already existed and make us think more macro , sometimes we are stuck in micro, this training allows us to stand back a little and study what strategy we're gonna use in the future. So is very useful and very practical for daily work."

Taisho Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager
"I was very enjoy in this training course which is manage by Cambridge Marketing College. I really learn a lot and now i'm goin back to the office re consider our strategy and everything will be done for marketing area."

Angkasa Pura II Marketing Manager
"Thank You to Husin Intelligence Group and Cambridge marketing College. In this training i can see the materials were good, especially on this digital marketing era, but as we look in airports, maybe there's a bit difference because the strategic given is more down to earth,more to individuals, for Airports is different cos the markets are limited, the markets are Airplanes, tenant mixing,etc. Now the passengers is actually the markets of airlines itself. But from here i try to acknowledge the materials and we will make new brand concept between the airports and individuals, make new brand image for the company and let the people know that airports are not only for arrivals and departure but airports can be as Meeting Point. We will develop the airports not only for flying but they can have meetings, lunch and recreation. With this digital marketing strategic, Soekarno Hatta Airport can be accepted by all community in Indonesia"

Bank Internasional Indonesia Head of Marketing & Corp Branding
"I feel that the topic i attend is quite attractive, topic of Digital Marketing. Here we are looking at what other alternatives we can use in digital media. This training is very useful cos we can see the growth of digital marketing from it's pioneer from Cambridge Marketing College and Husin Intelligence Group have brought them here from UK. Also the workshop is very useful cos we can see it strategicallyhow the function can be applied in the existing market. Thank You"

Yamaha Manufacturing Indonesia Digital Marketing Manager
"I have join this training The New World Of Strategic Digital Marketing organized by Husin Intelligence Group working together with Cambridge Marketing College. I find it interesting cos activity in Marketing is Dynamic. There was a session where The Speakers from Cambridge gave us many knowledge and there are some applications which can be implemented in our company as a media users or media industry, which we can deliver forward to our customers. In total this training is not only one way but two way activity, it is not only a workshop but here we can share knowledge and co-operate in one team."