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Asuransi Jiwa Inhealth Indonesia SVP Sales
"I think the training is very useful for Chief, Head of Marketing. The material is very complete, start from sales, pricing, strategies of marketing channel. 3 days time is just perfect because the material is quite a lot, many case studies and problem solving of the case studies, i think that's all from my opinion."

Adira Finance HR Director
"I joined the CMM training of Husin Group in 2017, my opnion this CMM training equipped you with the basic philosophy of marketing where those philosophy will guide you in the implementation of marketing strategies in your company."

Asuransi Jiwa Bringin Jiwa Sejahtera (Bringin Life) Kepala Divisi Strategi Pemasaran
"This CMM training is very useful for me, I am quite new to marketing (not even a year), many new marketing knowledged I learned in this training, hopefully I can implement this new knowledge in my company."

Pertamina Lubricants SAM Industry Jakarta 2
"This CMM training is like a short university in 3 days, where we learn a lot about theory of marketing and also the implementation/reference implementation in the marketing field, it is worthed."

Angkasa Pura 1 Airports Subsidiary Marketing Department Head
"According to me this CMM training is very useful, we can refresh the marketing concepts in this training."

Angkasa Pura 1 Airports Property & Advertising Marketing Department Head
"For me this is outstanding training because we can learn marketing in our capacity as managers, material is very useful for our business in managing marketing activities in the airport."

Total Oil Indonesia VP Marketing
"In this 3 days marketing course, many marketing concepts being taught comprehensively, it gives me a lot of holistic/big picture on how to use and translate the marketing concepts in my daily job. Thank you Husin Group for conducting this course."

Bank Central Asia-BCA Senior Vice President HR
"This training can give new thinking in HR world, it can become new inspiration for us in banking to customized the new HR policy following the changes of HR in the world. It will be better also if the training deepen in performance management, especially reward management. Thank you"

Bank QNB Indonesia Head Of HRBP & Organization Development
"Many things we can learn from this 2 days Elements of the New HR, it is a very pack session, informative, I really like this course. Thanks for Husin Group"

Prudential Life Assurance HR Business Partner Manager
"We can know the knowledge of HR that never thought before, its really out of the box and a new approach of HR"

Bank Negara Indonesia AVP HCT
"I see the need of HR in this world will increase faster and wider, so we need a new skill and capability in HR, from the development of HR or from the HR people themselves need to catch up with the business world. This training Elements of the New HR make us know where are our current position, and what will we faced in the future, so we know what need to prepare.

We also learn in a fast changing world, we do not need a static HR, but a dynamic HR following the trend of the world. We also learn HR should not be secluded (can not be touched by elements outside HR), but HR must become partner with the elements outside HR.

The next thing I learn, we must be brave to try and error, usually when we launch a policy, it must always be "perfect" before we launch to the employees, this is something we need to change. There is piloting session, trying session, feedbacks and we can revise the policy. Elements of the New HR will become my new skill to do changes in the future, and will consider many factors like industries, changes of HR world. Thanks for the training organised by Husin Group, I will support new trainings by Husin Group that will add value to my HR system, knowledge in the future "

Bank BTPN HR Team
"We attended training Elements of the New HR by Husin Group. We think this training is very insightful and helpful, it shows you the latest trend in HR world."

"This training opens our mind, and make us not limited to our current situation, but prepare us for what will happen in future HR."

"For me, this training helps me more innovative, creative, and makes me plan for the future HR."

"This training helps us strengthen our talent pool in future HR."