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Bank CIMB Niaga Business Strategy & Support Head
I joined the training from Husin Group about the Big Data from Husin Group, the training is very good, very useful, very practical, the trainer from Harvard University is very professional, thumbs up for Husin Group."

Pembangunan Perumahan PP (Persero) Senior Manager T&T
"The Data Science material is very good, the trainer is Professor from Harvard University is very good, the room is convenient enough, the food is very good which is at Le Meridien Hotel, so everything was good."


Jasa Marga (Persero) IT Standardization and Compliance Manager
"Data Science training by Husin Group is very interested, the trainer Prof Zal Phiroz from Harvard University is very cool, he explained the course step by step, how to use the software step by step, we all understand the course, its a very cool course."

HM Sampoerna Mgr P&C Resource Management
"Data Science training by Husin Group is very short term, practical, a lot of practical case studies we can use in our routine daily jobs. And also the way the trainer teach us on how to use advanced Excel, JMP is very step to step guidance, we as new user also can catch up with the training."

Berlian Jasa Terminal Indonesia Labour Report, Ops Planning & Analysis Ops
"Data Science training is very beneficial for us, from simple things to big things like making decision, its very important for many companies. I hope Husin Group keep doing this training, and other beneficial training for Indonesia companies."

HM Sampoerna Mgr P&C Analyst
"Data Science training by Husin Group is very useful for myself, I hope I can implement what I learned in this course back to my company."

Frisian Flag Indonesia Business Analyst Manager
"Data Science training by Husin Group is a good course for big data and also this training is a good platform for companies that want to transform to a data science companies."

Bank Rakyat Indonesia Junior Relationship Manager 2
"Data Science training by Husin Group is a good training and useful for companies, the organiser is very professional as well."

Pertamina Hulu Energi PHE Production Asset Management Engineer
"The training Data Science is very easy to follow, easy to understand, its very friendly for those that do not understand about Data Science. The Trainer Prof Zal Phiroz from Harvard University is very knowledgeable and very helpful in helping us one to one to explain about the course. I think this training will be very helpful in helping my job, and give me solutions in my daily job. I fully recommend this course to others that would like to know more about Data Science."

Jasa Marga (Persero) Manager Property BM
"I learned a lot from this Data Science course especially on how to process the raw data that we have into something useful and making the right decision. I also learned on how to use the right KPI and this is very useful for me because I can implement this KPI in my responsibilities area, which is our subsidiary companies."