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Bank CIMB Niaga Business Strategy & Support Head
"I joined the training from Husin Group about the Big Data from Husin Group, the training is very good, very useful, very practical, the trainer from Harvard University is very professional, thumbs up for Husin Group."

Pembangunan Perumahan PP (Persero) Senior Manager T&T
"The Data Science material is very good, the trainer is Professor from Harvard University is very good, the room is convenient enough, the food is very good which is at Le Meridien Hotel, so everything was good."

Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia Head of Indirect Procurement
"I join this CIPM course as part of my company IDP program, I apply for three years ago and I am very grateful my company approved me to come. I recommend other colleagues in procurement division to join this CIPM course because it is very relevant with the course, the interaction and the lecturer is very interesting."

LEN Industri Staff Komersial UB. Sistem Transportasi
"I join this CIPM course because the need of procurement skills in my current job, my team need a higher skill in doing our procurement business. This training is very good because there are many things in procurement that we do not know especially the technical procurement skill, finding a good vendor, finding a good supplier, teaching us strategies to make procurement division more efficient. And also many best practices we get from the trainer which we can implement back in our company. Keep doing a good job Husin Group."

Bank Rabobank International Indonesia Procurement and Cost Control Department Head
"I join CIPM course because I think this training will give me a broad knowledge in procurement and supply chain, and after joining this course for 3 days, it indeed gives me broad international knowledge in procurement and supply chain. The trainer is a practitioner, and I am very happy with his experience and case studies."

Energi Sejahtera Mas (Sinar Mas Cepsa) Procurement Manager
"I have 14 years experience in procurement, and I join this CIPM course to upgrade my procurement skill. I am very happy with this training, thank you Husin Group for conducting this training."

Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia Operating Procurement
"I am very satisfied with CIPM course because it teach me a lot in procurement, so not only teaching me to be a normal purchasing person, but teach me on strategic and initiative matter on how to do saving in procurement, thank you Husin Group."

LEN Industri Manager Komersial UB. Sistem Transportasi and Staff Komersial UB. Sistem Transportasi
"After 3 days joining CIPM course, it suits our expectation, this course will help us in our future career. Hopefully Husin Group will do this kind of training in the future."

Multi Bintang Indonesia Brewing & Quality Manager
"CISCM training will teach you a lot of knowledge about supply chain, included tips and trick in implementation of supply chain. I strongly recommended this training for all the supply chain professionals."

Philips Indonesia Head of Supply Chain
"CISCM material is very relevant and up to date with current supply chain practice in the world, the drawback of this training is the time management. Many materials I think is very good but because of time constraint (which is 3 days only) so we can not really cover in depth of that specific material. The rest of the feedbacks: foods are good, hotel is good, trainer is very qualified in supply chain experience."

SKK Migas Staff Logistik
"We join CISCM training by Husin Group. According to me, the training is a very good training, the organiser is very professional, especially from time management, the time sequence from the material delivered is very punctual, the supply chain tools delivered are very good as well."

SKK Migas Staff Pengelolaan Barang & Jasa
"According to me, the CISCM training is very good, the trainer delivered in a very easy and simple to understand the method. One input, this CISCM should discuss more about oil&gas supply chain materials, because we are from oil&gas companies. Overall this CISCM is a very good training, and we recommended Husin Group organiser to all other colleagues, thank you."

JOB Pertamina - Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi Buyer
"The knowledge I got from CIPM is a lot, and I have to be really focus because the material is a lot in CIPM, hundred pages of power point slides. Trainer is fine, hotel is fine in Bali, hopefully I can passed the exam."

Multi Bintang Indonesia Commerce Category Buyer
"CIPM training in Bali is great, I learned so much and get a lot of new experience and knowledge in procurement, trainer i also very expert, its from Harvard University."