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Medco Power Executive Secretary
"Actually I rarely write newsletter about course because mostly I think they're full of self promotional stuff. But I have to say that this one is great. Big thanks to Gareth for inspiring me to be a great PA and I am happily recommend this course to every PA in the world."

Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama (BUMA) PA to BOD
"I'm very glad that i could join this training which is held by Husin Group. I found this training very important for us because we learn that as a PA we have an important role because we work and assist the most valuable resource in our company which is our CEO. And then they've make us wants to contribute more to the company. I found a lot of great tips to become more successful and more great PA as we always do in daily basis job.

Kaltim Prima Coal, Executive Assistant to CEO & COO
"I would like to thank my company who have sent me to join this training and also thanks to Husin Group for having this event. I gained a lot of knowledge in this PA fields and I can also share it to my secretaries colleagues in my company. In this training I can also share to all of participants about the issues that happen in daily routine on how we face our boss."

Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Executive Secretary
"This is the first time I join PA training. I think this training is useful for me. Because during my work as a executive secretary, there's a few point that I still don't understand. But after attending this training, it have given me so many tips and knowledges on how to become a better executive secretary."

Pertamina Secretary to GA Director
"My experience after attending this course I think every secretary and PA has attend this course. This course has been very inspiring. It has never occured to me that PA world is very bold, challenging, and also very complicated. I learned a lot from this course and thanks to Gareth for coming and share his experience for us."

Chevron Geothermal Salak Executive Secretary
"I recommend this training to al PA colleagues because this training really useful to be implemented in our work. And the trainer, Dr. Gareth Osborne, presented very well in this training."

Coca-Cola Indonesia Executive Secretary to President Director
"I think this training is really good. it refreshed us about what we have done. Dr. Gareth Osborne presented this training very well."

Lotte Shoppingmart Marketing Director
“I join the training of world class marketing by Prof. Malcolm McDonald and what I learned a lot from this training is the most interesting thing is there is a slide that showing how senior people see marketers and it’s shocked me because the senior people see marketers as a non-accountable one. Just a bullying thing. And they say that marketing is a expensive one, just talk about nothing and there’s no exact measurement for it. So I think that’s a valid comment for marketer. So in this training what we learned is how really to be reliable marketer that we can show people that marketing can be a center of the company.”

Suzuki (Indomobil Sales) GM Marketing 4 W
“Talking about this training by Prof. Malcolm McDonald. I think is valuable, because this is a lot of strategic actually like a marketing planning. Basicly, we know well how to describe both objective of corporate and we creating some of the marketing planning like differentiation, make it short analizys, etc. but frankly speaking, this is a very basic skill for all marketer how they create some planning to develop their brands, product and to competitive in the market. But it’s still valuable for us to give some insight to make marketing strategic more properly and quite to be like action plan. I think this training Suzuki will have next planning with more and more valuable and competitive in the market.”

Astra International Head Marketing & Sales Ops.
“I bring a new perspective in terms of marketing, how to define the target market, segmentation. For the next improvement, I think the materials should be more focus on practical case, not only theory. We have so many theory in this two days, it’s too heavy for us.”

Mondelez International Senior Marketing Manager
“Attending the World Class Marketing Plans, very grateful to learn new and great example from industry, especially from Prof. Malcolm McDonald who has experienced and also teached us how to segment the market properly to create value and to deliver it and monitor it further. I’m very glad and keep going!”

Telkomsel Head of VAS & Broadband Marketing Communications Dept.
“I would like to thank to Prof. Malcolm McDonald. I really appreciate for his lectured. It’s a long way to come here from England. I learned about how define the marketing supposed to be applicating on the field. It’s nice to know more about that.”