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AMMAN Mineral Superintendent Procurement
"CIPM training in Bali is very useful, it teach you how to procure products/services, analyze procurement, negotiation, how to negotiate locally and internationally, analyze strength and weakness of a dealing process. This is not a regular training i can say, i recommend this training for decision maker who are dealing with procurement.

By attending this training, we can know what is the role and function of procurement widely, because currently we only know procurement in mining industry."

Darya Varia Laboratoria Sourcing Manager
"We are pharmaceutical manufacturing company, this CIPM training is very useful because in our manufacturing industry, we are dealing with procurement from end to end business, this training is very useful for us and give us new insights for the future."

JOB Pertamina - Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi Buyer
"CIPM training material is very good, trainer also very expert, Professor from Harvard University. I think the 3 days time is too short, you guys should do this training in longer period."

Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia Head of Procurement
"CIPM training in Bali by Husin Group is very interesting, the material refresh procurement practitioner that has been doing procurement in daily life, and also teach us new knowledge internationally in procurement, from buyer and supplier perspectives."

AXA Services Indonesia Strategic Procurement Manager
"CIPM training in Bali is very important for experienced procurement professionals to update, adjust procurement activities, strategies, process in each organization. And also you can learn about new insights and worldwide procurement knowledge so you can applied in your organization, you can also learn how to implement procurement as business partner, rather than as supporting function. I think this CIPM training is worth to invest and join the training. Thank you."

JOB Pertamina - Medco E&P Tomori Sulawesi Material Management SH
"CIPM training is good, trainer is very expert in procurement field, highly recommended for all procurement managers."

Nusa Halmahera Minerals Purchasing & Contract Superintendent
"Feedbacks for CIPM training in 3 sentences: good training, good value, good friends."

AMMAN Mineral Superintendent Procurement
"This is my second time i join Husin Group training, 1st time I joined CIPM (Procurement) in Jakarta, this time i joined CISCM (Supply Chain) in Bali. As I expected, this training is very interesting and useful, especially for my future career. Thank you for Husin Group, this 3 days session is a very good experience for me."

SKK Migas Manager Pemberdayaan Kapasitas Nasional
"I joined CISCM of Husin Group in Bali, this training is very useful to develop national capacity of local company. I need this CISCM to increase my knowledge in supply chain, material is very good."

Conwood Indonesia GM SCM
"I joined CISCM of Husin Group in Bali, this training is very useful for me. Material is very good, trainer is very competent in his field, the environment of the training is very good as well. Thank you."

Pupuk Indonesia Staf Pengelolaan Distribusi
"I joined CISCM of Husin Group in Bali, this training is very useful for me, improve my knowledge and skill in supply chain. Material is very comprehensive, trainer is very qualified, he can explore and present the latest issues in supply chain worldwide. I hope this CISCM training can be done frequently in a few cities in Indonesia, to develop the competency and knowledge of all supply chain professionals in Indonesia."