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Dua Kelinci Director
“I have attended the Husin Group’s seminar and I think is wonderful that he bring Prof. Leslie. As you can see from his presentation is treasure. We can see all of his passion in what he is doing. So we really quite full of his insight in marketing and how to develop brand with the lowest cost possible which is benefit our company a lot. So I am looking forward for the seminar from Husin Group.”

Bumi Resources Treasury Manager
"This workshop is valuable enough for managers to gain new knowledge in treasury management, especially for corporations. The presenter, Mr. David Blair, revealed plenty of new strategies/tactics in running business, especially those related to banking, cash flow and forecasting."

Thiess Contractor Treasury Manager
"I find this course is very useful and very interesting. And the presenter could explained the material very well and could adjust the point of view to all participants with different understanding about treasury itself. And I find this course very beneficial and actually highly recommended to join."

Multistrada Arah Sarana PPIC Manager
"Very good training that can make us more aware of the detail of supply chain mapping up to implementation & evaluation."

HM Sampoerna Supply Chain Business Analyst
"It really great to participate in this training, which enlarge our knowledge and also build new relationship with others. the speaker could explain and deliver the material very good, and assist us with attractive discussion, share experience and develop the skill also."

Friesland Campina Supply Chain Manager
"Overall workshop is great. John Paul presentation seems to be practical approach for business implementation."

Danone Sari Husada Supply Chain Manager
"This training is good to embark us to a new stage of supply chain."

Newmont Nusa Tenggara Executive Secretary
"What a worth PA training! Dig PA world wonderfully"

SCTV PA to Director
"Husin Group brought a very good quality speakers.I am impressed."

VICO Indonesia Secretary
"It's Good. Hope Husin Group can provide more attractive training and good quality speaker in the future."

Bank Central Asia (BCA) Marcomm Mgr, Dept Consumer Banking
"I found the Husin group branding workshop will give you a lot of new insights and vision on what you can do about your brand. It is worthwhile for banking industries."

Pertamina EPD Brand Management
"The material is so significantly important and content, the source is so talkative and entertaining. I really love the trainer deliver his messages/material with his own gestures."

Kereta Api (Persero), Manager General Administration
"The Pre-Test and Post-Test helps me a lot in improving report writing skill, I will recommend this training to my colleagues"

Bank Permata Corporate Affairs Manager
"Say my thanks to Steve and Husin Group, let me know if there is any other interesting trainings on the table."

Holcim Indonesia Country Manager Geocycle
"You can invite speakers that no one can invite, keep the hard work! By the way, Geocycle is the best solution to solve your waste problem, we help you to destruct your waste with responsible way!"

Charoen Pokphand Foods Thailand Asst Vice President Recruitment & Selection Center
"A course which provides concept to improve the recruitment process"

Freescale Semiconductor Malaysia HR Director
"Husin Group 3D Recruiting Program compels you to look at your existing selection process"

Voksel Electric Marketing Manager
"Husin Group Program brings a real life case studies. Good Job."

DSM Kaltim Melamine ex Marketing Director
"A Young Enterprise with great ability to organize a good event with quality speakers. "

Doxa Manggalya Utama President Director
Board of Ethics of GP Pharmacy

"Exceptional Pricing Forum, many good case studies from Jakarta public listed companies."

Wijaya Karya Manager Perencanaan & Pengembangan SDM
"I have been in HR industry for 26 years, have attended lots of trainings, Husin Group 3D Recruiting Training is spectacular, new & simple method, the Identity Mapping is easy to implement, I fully understand the training"

Premier Oil HR Manager Asia
"It was excellent, being able to exchange opinions from different perspectives and point of views, especially since all us are from different industries"

Total E&P Head of Training Service
"Good delivery of Talent Management text book with flavour of real best practices from the experts of leading industries in Indonesia"

PageUp People CEO
"I come a long way to Indonesia to join The Future of Talent conference. I had a very fantastic time. I’ve take away a lot of information I made some fabulous contacts and whole things just has been run very well and professionally. "

Taspen GM HR
"For this course it seems very good for me because managing people are quite different from managing machine, so this course makes me full of impression and the speaker is very good."