Premium Training

We only do premium training with A+ level Professor from reputable business schools. Click below trainings for more details. Further enquiries email to: hr@husingroup.com

Popular Course Coming Soon

Procurement Course:
Certified International Procurement Manager (CIPM)

Supply Chain Course:
Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM)

Project Management Course:
Project Management Professional in Procurement and Contracting (PMPPC)

Commercial Contract Course:
Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager (CICCM)

Marketing Course:
Marketing Revolution: Marketing Agility

Sales, Marketing, Finance, Business Course:
Financially Quantified Value Propositions: How to Develop Them, How to Quantify Them

Sales Course:
Ten steps for creating a strategy to grow sales and profits

Sales Course:
Ten steps for dealing profitably with big, powerful customers

Marketing, Brand Course:
Brands and Brand Equity

Sales Course:
Sales Leadership MasterClass: Define, Test and Refine your Sales Strategy

HR Course:
Certified International Human Resource Manager (CIHRM)

HR, Training / Learning & Development Course:
The Future of Learning: Re-Engineering the Learning Experience

Data Science Course:
Data Science and Big Data Analytics Course

Non Lawyer Series Course:
Practical Contract Law

Non Lawyer Series Course:
Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Non Lawyer Series Course:
English and Law

Secretary / Assistant Course:
Certified International Executive Assistant (CIEA)

Corporate Governance Course:
New Trends in Corporate Governance