Retail Revolution: Online Shopping Disruption and New Models to help Businesses Win in the New Era

Retail Revolution: Online Shopping Disruption
and New Models to help Businesses Win in the New Era
14-15 February 2019, Jakarta-Indonesia

Training in English

Agenda Overview

Day 1
Module 1: Online Retailer Continued to Rise
Current situation of Online Retailer
Big Challenges of Online Shopping
Solutions to the Big Challenges of Online Shopping
Partnership in Retail

Module 2: China Develop New Retail Models
New Retail: Online to Offline (O2O) Solution
Social Customer Relationship Management
Social Shopping

Module 3: New Role of Stores: The Omnichannel Future
Physical Stores need to deliver value in new ways
Innovation is Changing Customer Expectation
Customer Desire: “Choose it for Me”

Day 2
Module 4: New Ways to Reach Customers
Manufacturers can sell directly to Consumers
How Manufacturer’s Captive Platforms work in FMCG industries
Could Retail go the way of Travel?
The Rise of the Access Economy
Old Retail Value Chain is being transformed

Module 5: Brand Owners and Manufacturers
Managing in a Changing Retail Landscape
New Brands Rise out of Disruption
Special Products only
Direct to Consumer: The New Opportunities

Module 6: New Models for Surviving in the Future
Traditional Retail Business Model is no longer enough
New Models to help Businesses Win in the New Era:
1. Product Leader
2. Magnetic Ecosystem
3. Choice Intermediary
4. Customer Experience Specialist
5. Fulfillment Specialist
6. Key Location Player

Prof Francis Piron

Professor Francis Piron
Professor of Management, Sales and Marketing

Francis Piron is a Professor (Doctoral program) at Swiss Management Center University Switzerland, he is also a Professor Marketing at a few school: Helsinki Business School Finland, Shantou University Business School China, Troy University US. He is also the Founder AHEAD (Asian Higher Education & Academic Development).

Francis Piron regularly does some visiting lecturing for Sales, Marketing, Management, MBA topic at International Business University Teknologi Malaysia, University of Macau, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, University of Professional Studies Ghana, Laapeenranta University of Technology Finland, Business at Tianjin University of Technology China, Peking University China, China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS).