Procurement Course: US Certified International Procurement Manager (CIPM)

Procurement Course:
US Certified International Procurement Manager (CIPM)

About Institute
IPSCMI, International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, is a prestigious professional institute offering purchasing and supply chain management certifications throughout the world in all modes of instruction, including conventional public seminars, online courses, in-house seminars and other distance learning modes. IPSCMI’s purchasing and supply chain management courses and programs are provided around the world by a complete network of alliance partners which contract with IPSCMI for collaboration in conducting the IPSCMI programs. More than 60,000 professionals from 42 countries worldwide have been certified by IPSCMI so far.

Why Certify
This Certification Program is a core certification program of the International Purchasing And Supply Chain Management Institute. This program offers the designation of CIPM (Certified International Procurement Manager) to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through the successful completion of rigorous professional certification examinations based upon the Learning System (LS) developed by the International Trade Centre (ITC).

Eligibility Requirements
A minimum of 4 years of professional-level experience in supply chain, procurement/ purchasing/sourcing, logistics supply chain, operation, demand planning, inventory, etc position with a Bachelor degree or global equivalent degree.

CIPM Designation
Successful candidates (passed the test with minimum score 60) are granted the designation of CIPM. The designation CIPM may be used just as similar recognitions are employed in finance, accounting, insurance, medicine, law, and other professions.  Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual’s name on business cards, stationery, etc.

Certification Cycle
Individuals who have earned a certification designation are required to be recertified every five years

3rd day of training, from 15.00-17.00
80 multiple-choice questions
2 hours length
Estimate 4 weeks after the course we will deliver the certifications to the office of participants (for participants who passed the exam).

Many Trainers available for this course

Country Provided
This course is provided in US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia region. In Asia it is provided in:
Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia
Ho Chi Minh-Vietnam
Bandar Seri Begawan-Brunei Darussalam
Seoul-South Korea

Selected Testimonials
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RMIT University Vietnam, Senior Commercial Manager
"CIPM training is useful for us as procurement specialist, we learned a lot from the trainer Professor Zal Phiroz from Harvard University, i enjoyed very much of this training."

Wipro Unza Malaysia, Technical Procurement Manager
"CIPM training covers procurement topics in a global perspectives, many good case studies presented in the class, many discussion activities in the class which makes you understand better each topic,the class also covers various topics like supply chain, logistics, which will broader your knowledge."

Siam Commercial Bank Thailand, Strategic Procurement Officer

"The CIPM training session is very useful for procurement professionals manager, director who want to specialize in procurement field. The Professor allow us to participate in a lot of discussion for each case studies, and see how it works in real life, and share the experiences we got from many different fields. I think it is very useful and we can adapt it to the real life."

PTT Global Chemical Thailand, Division Manager
"What I am impressed in this training is the case study, the case study for discussion is from the real business and the Professor analyze and show how it relate to procurement. Unlike other training which the cases I get is for procurement only. This encourage me to discuss and exchange more information with other department because the business goal is sometimes might not align with procurement goal."

Global Power Synergy Thailand, Procurement Officer
"This course give me a lot of knowledge and perspectives about procurement in international level. As the lecturer has a lot of experiences in procurement and supply chain, I can get a lot of knowledge as well as meeting and discussing with many attendees from various companies with various experiences."

INTEQC Feed Thailand, Procurement Department Manager
"I learned a lot from this training, got a lot of knowledge and know a lot of procurement professionals, I hope I can implement what I learn in this class back to my company."

Siam Cement Group SCG Thailand, Assistant Manager Vendor Management & QA
"CIPM training is a good course to know fundamental to advanced level of procurement knowledge, and also best to know about best practice from other countries."

Thai Military Bank (TMB Thailand), Procurement Specialist
"You can learn a lot from CIPM course, you will also meet many procurement colleagues from other industries. in the class we are sharing many real situation which sometimes not indicated in any theories. This is a very good course by Husin Group, I recommend other procurement professionals to join this course."

Danieli Thailand, Procurement Department Mgr
"I joined CIPM training by Husin Group, the class is very useful, I get new knowledge, experience and have chances to share these all with other people. Normally its very hard to find this kind of class in Thailand, that got instructors by leading universities (Harvard University). I recommend other procurement colleagues to join this class."

Hafele Thailand Cambodia, Operations Director
"I joined CIPM and CISCM training by Husin Group in Bangkok, I am very happy with these 2 trainings, I am ready to transform my ideas and improvement project ready into action. The materials are very good, there are a few good slides that can put into improvement project, and this will keep me busy for the couple of weeks ahead. I recommend anyone in operation, business functions to join this course to improve their operational performance."

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB Thailand), SVP General Procurement Management
"I am satisfied with the 3 days course of CIPM by Husin Group, a range of benefits I got from this course which can assist me in daily jobs and procurement development."

Brand's Suntory International Thailand, Regional Procurement Director
"The CIPM course is very interesting and useful, it is taught by Professor from Harvard University, one of the leading university in the world. In the class we talk about procurement fundamental, we discuss about case studies, questions, and it is even more industries when they are opinions from other participants from various industries. We learn about world class practice in procurement, and now I know how to improve myself and my team to reach that level. I would like to recommend procurement professionals to take this CIPM course."

Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia Head of Indirect Procurement
"I join this CIPM course as part of my company IDP program, I apply for three years ago and I am very grateful my company approved me to come. I recommend other colleagues in procurement division to join this CIPM course because it is very relevant with the course, the interaction and the lecturer is very interesting."

LEN Industri Staff Komersial UB. Sistem Transportasi
"I join this CIPM course because the need of procurement skills in my current job, my team need a higher skill in doing our procurement business. This training is very good because there are many things in procurement that we do not know especially the technical procurement skill, finding a good vendor, finding a good supplier, teaching us strategies to make procurement division more efficient. And also many best practices we get from the trainer which we can implement back in our company. Keep doing a good job Husin Group."

Bank Rabobank International Indonesia Procurement and Cost Control Department Head
"I join CIPM course because I think this training will give me a broad knowledge in procurement and supply chain, and after joining this course for 3 days, it indeed gives me broad international knowledge in procurement and supply chain. The trainer is a practitioner, and I am very happy with his experience and case studies."

Energi Sejahtera Mas (Sinar Mas Cepsa) Procurement Manager
"I have 14 years experience in procurement, and I join this CIPM course to upgrade my procurement skill. I am very happy with this training, thank you Husin Group for conducting this training."

Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia Operating Procurement
"I am very satisfied with CIPM course because it teach me a lot in procurement, so not only teaching me to be a normal purchasing person, but teach me on strategic and initiative matter on how to do saving in procurement, thank you Husin Group."

LEN Industri Manager Komersial UB. Sistem Transportasi and Staff Komersial UB. Sistem Transportasi
"After 3 days joining CIPM course, it suits our expectation, this course will help us in our future career. Hopefully Husin Group will do this kind of training in the future."

Ericsson Indonesia, Strategic Sourcing Manager
"A lot of knowledge we can learn in this CIPM course, especially when the trainer Prof John Paul share his experience, we can implement the knowledge in our daily job."

Ericsson Indonesia, Strategic Sourcing Manager
"My objective in attending the CIPM is to get knowledge besides of the certification, and also to get benchmark in commodity/sourcing world. What I get from this course, the trainer Prof John Paul very experienced in his field, really understand the procurement world, what he taught in the class can improvised our daily work in procurement."

Telkomsel Indonesia, Category Manager
"The CIPM course is very interesting, a few things why the course is interesting, first we got insight knowledge from someone (trainer) that has deep knowledge of supply chain management, second we have a lot of group discussion about best practices in procurement world from the trainer and other colleagues, so what we learn can be implemented in our company, especially currently in my company we are doing a procurement transformation, we need the best practices out there so we can successfully implement the best practices in our company."

Telkomsel Indonesia, Manager Buyer
"My company currently is doing a procurement transformation, by attending this course we are being refresh with all the process we are doing at the moment, we get the theory and knowledge in more deep dive, and we can implement it when we back to the office."

Coats Rejo Indonesia, Head of Procurement
"CIPM course is a very interesting course, its three days course but it has a very compact materials, it has all the materials we are required to perform our job as the procurement manager, and we can also reflect what we have been doing in our company versus what we learned here in the class, i mean the best practices which have been applied in several industries globally. The trainer Prof John Paul with his lots of knowledge and experience, has a lot of model and tools that we can adopt to our daily procurement job. If you are a procurement manager, I would suggest you to attend this kind of training, very interesting, good training, and make sure you are certified for CIPM."

Aplikanusa Lintasarta Indonesia, Junior Manager Procurement
"This CIPM course is the top of all the procurement courses I have attended, the added value from this course is you will get US and internationally well known certified CIPM (if you passed the exam)."

Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama Indonesia, Superintendent Procurement
"At first I only understand procurement function is buying products and coordinate with user in my company, when I attended CIPM course by Prof John Paul I finally understand procurement is about team work, challenges responsibilities in the whole chain, we have to know about finance, supply chain, forecast, demand planning, etc. I think the CIPM course is a good course to join."

Multibintang Inodonesia, Category Ex Buyer
"I attended the CIPM course is to learn from Prof John Paul. The material is indeed a lot, some theories taught in this class we have been doing that in our company, as for the other theories I think we need to learn more from John Paul. I hope we all attended the CIPM course can passed the exam and get certified, and can do more when we are back to our company.

LaFarge Cement Indonesia, VP Purchasing
"I’m taking the course from Husin Intelligence Group named CIPM, I think is very good, increased our competency as procurement professional and also help to leverage the team in our organization to increasing the skill, technical skill and also the soft skill."

Bank Ekonomi Raharja Indonesia, VP Group Procurement Unit
"I joined this CIPM to add my knowledge about procurement and also how to applied procurement in world class method, I think this training is really helpful for me and my team, my purpose joining this training is how to transform my team become world class procurement. Thank you Husin Group for doing this event, bringing number 1 world class expert in procurement so we can learn directly."

Freeport Indonesia, Head of Domestic Procurement Services
"Joining this CIPM training course to broaden and to know how other industries conduct the procurement that will become a base mark, can network with other procurement friends as well. CIPM course is very useful because it is presented by a very qualified expert and also his experience can be shared among all the participants. For colleagues that want to join this course, suggested have experienced in procurement because in this course many advanced discussions and most of the participants are experienced procurement professionals."

Kimia Farma Indonesia, Manager Pengadaan
"I attended this CIPM training with the purpose to improve my skills and competence in procurement division at Kimia Farma. I found a lot of interesting things from this training. This training is very advanced, will be better if we have a few steps of trainings which is from beginning, intermediate to advanced, overall this training is very recommended."

Goodyear Indonesia, ASEAN Purchasing Category Manager for MRO and Equipment
"This training is good because Husin Group brought expert and just now there are many discussions which made us easier to understand."

Indosat Indonesia, Division Head Finance & Supply Chain Audit
"The training is very good, it is very helpful for my work, especially regarding procurement techniques with international standardization and indeed provides experience as well as how to practice procurement operationally. Improvement for this training, not that I can think of, if possible more Indonesia case studies."

Mercedes Benz Indonesia, Procurement Deputy Director
"I joined Certified International Procurement Manager course because I see this course is very useful for me, I had the opportunity to see the latest technology procurement process presented by Dr. Graw. Besides, this course attended by other procurement colleagues from a multi-disciplinary and multi industrial, we can also learn about how the procurement process applied in their place, we can make it as a base mark or a sharing point. I think this is a very good course for buyer and procurement."

DBS Indonesia, Head of Group Procurement Services
"I learned a lot from this training, especially the latest updates in the world of procurement and this could open our horizons and also network with many friends in procurement."

Ericsson Indonesia, Sourcing Category Manager
"The training was good and trained by a world class caliber expertise. I think this would benefited me professionally and a lot of new things need to develop from myself in order to improve my procurement expertise.  However not all of the procurement process would be applied in my current work activities because here in my organization we split sourcing, contract management and supply chain in to each of different division due to the SOX requirement. In overall I can say that this training was really good, and I would like to thank you to organize this event to us."

Lafarge Holcim Indonesia, Category Sourcing Manager
"I currently attended training Certified International Procurement Manager organized by Husin Group which is a very well known training organizer, the procurement certification is from IPSCMI, the President himself come down to Indonesia to teach. I think this training is very recommended for procurement manager in particular who wants to improve competencies at the same time improve the procurement process in order to become world class procurement. Highly recommended."

Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHEONWJ) Indonesia, Goods Procurement Manager
"For this CIPM training gave me extensive insight and opened my horizon about what things should be considered and understood as a professional Supply Chain particularly in the context of managing a team or resources in a company to achieve the best results and value."

Indonesia Government Procurement of Goods or Services Policy Board (LKPP)
"Training held by Husin Intelligence Group is very important for the government to get a different perspective, especially international procurement best practice. If we look from the teacher or facilitator who presented, Mr. Graw, able to provide a different perspective between the private and government because he had done both. There is a combining point between regulations in LKPP and what the private sector does. Back to the office I will give new ideas that simple government procurement is not wrong. Negotiation can be done in simple procurement, but in government procurement everyone avoided the negotiation part. In this 3 days I learned a lot of new perspectives, the materials are too much for 3 days course. From what I see only myself is from government, the presented knowledge not only in private but also government sectors, would be best if Husin Intelligence Group invite more government participants."

Pupuk Kalimantan Timur Indonesia, Kepala Bagian Pengadaan Spare Part
"I joined Husin Intelligence Group CIPM training conducted in Jakarta. I think this is very attractive training, and then I advice for procurement manager from all industry, background should join this training. The training is very valuable and it is very necessary for the manager from procurement background."

BUT Saka Indonesia Pangkah Limited Indonesia, Procurement & General Support Supervisor
"This workshop has provided me with a wide array of knowledge in international procurement. Very good to have different perspective as compare to domestic and regulated procurement."

Bank ANZ Procurement Indonesia, Senior Manager
"I attended the CIPM (Certified International Procurement Manager) training organized by Husin Group. So far the material and the lecturer John Paul are very good. I am happy can join this training because I got many things that I can apply in my corporate after this. This training is very good. Thanks for Husin and keep maintaining the certification. I hope this training can be organized every year and also special designed not only for high level managerial but also to the lower level managerial . Thank You."