Elements of the New HR

Elements of the New HR
13-14 July 2017, Jakarta-Indonesia

Agenda Overview
Day 1
Module 1: New Trends in Performance Management (5 hours)
The New World of Work and Its Impact on HR
Strengths-based Development
Agile Goal Setting
Effective Continuous Feedback
Coaching for Performance
Rewards and Compensation
Social recognition

Module 2: Emerging Learning Methods (3 hours)
The New World of Work and Its Impact on Learning
The Changing Corporate Learning Functions
The Role of the Corporate University
Action Learning
Blended Learning
Informal Learning
Technology-Enabled Learning
Leadership Development
Learning Technology

Day 2
Module 3: Scenario Planning for HR Leaders (5 hours)
Introduction to Scenario Planning
Scenario Planning Process
Creating Scenarios
Use of Scenarios in Strategy Planning
Final activity; Create a scenario

Module 4: Predictive Analytics for HR (3 hours)
Predictive Analytics
Big Data
Use of Data/Analytics
Predictive Analytics in HR
Limits to Analytics

Kevin Wheeler

Kevin Wheeler

About Trainer
Kevin Wheeler
Future of Talent Institute
San Francisco, United States

Kevin Wheeler is an entrepreneur, teacher, consultant to many Fortune 500 companies, as well as a noted author. He has founded a number of organizations including the Future of Talent Institute, Global Learning Resources, Inc. and the Australasian Talent Conference, Ltd.  The Future of Talent Institute provides research, white papers, and a forum for senior talent leaders to learn, discuss, and share with each other their best practices, success stories and problems. The essence of the Future of Talent is to bring smart people together with experts and researchers and probe at the edges of talent trends to see what emerges. In 1998, he founded and is the President of Global Learning Resources, Inc. which focuses on helping organizations architect long lasting and flexible talent strategies. Kevin has been a research affiliate at the Institute for the Future and his consulting practices takes him all over the globe where he sees, firsthand how the impact of economics, education, diversity, and age affects talent and how it is valued and appreciated. He is the author of hundreds of articles on talent management, career development, recruiting, human capital, leadership and on corporate universities and learning strategies. He works in a wide variety of countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Thailand, The Netherlands, Canada, Chile, and Italy.

His latest book is entitled The Corporate University Workbook: Launching the 21st Century Learning Organization.  He has contributed chapters to several additional books including, recently, a chapter on leadership and recruiting in “On Staffing: Advice and Perspectives for HR Leaders.” He is currently writing a book on the changing nature of work and new requirements for talent in the 21st century. He has served as adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco and on the business faculty at San Francisco State University. 

Feedbacks About Kevin Wheeler HR Classes
Astra Aviva Life CHRO
"This is basically remind us about basic nature that sometimes we forget, so remind again basic principles from HR that we must do every day, and it’s a good training."

Telkom Indonesia Senior GM Telkom Corporate University
"I am joining Human Resource Management certification course. For us, this event is very good, three days full, but we can follow it well. And what’s interesting is discussion among us, each participant, this broaden our perspectives, and also we can see our own strengths and weaknesses, and at the end of discussion, we get values from each participant. And for the certification it is also interesting because what have been taught was very complete. three days event and presented by very good Kevin Wheeler, so all participants can follow very good as well."

Holcim Indonesia Leadership and Management Development Manager
"This certification training is very important, especially for people in HR in managerial level. There are many skills, and knowledge to give us insights, or for those who just came into HR world, this is a very good start to get skill of know how to organise people and how to transform function HR to a more modern that is now called Business Partner. And for me, Husin Intelligence Group organized very good. I recommend for friends to join this organization." 

Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (PJB) Senior Manager Pelatihan dan Pengembangan Human Capital
"I am glad I can join this activity, first from the material side, we cover all the knowledge that is necessary for GM and Manager level. Second, what’s more important is I can gather with friends from Indonesia companies for this past three days event."

MNC Land HR Director
"This seminar is very useful, keep update me and I learnt quite a lot. Trainer was good, always took our answers and questions seriously and provided useful examples."

AIA Financial Head of HRBP
"This program is very useful for HR practitioner especially for those who newly involved in HR field. Provide insight & base to explore deeper in area of interest."

Wijaya Karya (Persero) GM Human Capital
"I am joining the training about Certified Human Resources Manager from Husin Group. I see this material is very good, there are few things that can be implemented by our company as an improvement of doing human capital management in our company. And we see Husin Group doing this training very good. Thank you."

VICO Indonesia Training Section Head
"I am happy I can join this training, certification for Human Resources Manager, it’s really open my mind, and also the trainer, delivered the program very interactive. There are examples, case study, etc. Recommended to attend this program. Thank you."

Bumi Resources Mineral VP HR
"I’m attending this CHRM course from Husin Group. Globalization is inevitable, as an HR practitioner there are no other choices but getting ourselves prepared to embrace global competition. This certification equipes us with knowledge and skills required in facing such competition as well as global trend changes in the area of HR."

Jasa Raharja (Persero) Kepala Urusan Pengembangan SDM
"Following the CHRM event presented by Husin Group, very interesting, very hot topic that is happening at this era right now, and its very good. That’s all, and many benefits. Hoping Husin Group will always deliver this kind of training."

Sun Life Financial Country HR Head
"I find this certification program interesting and important. Interesting with the many materials, we need to know, we need to go back to the basic, with one on one basic of HR. So, I think this is very important because as a HR you need to know what are the basic of HR Management. And I see overall this program give us a solution and information, and human resources management. And I find that this training program is value for money, so congratulation on Husin Group for providing this. Thank you."

Coca-Cola National Organization & Talent Development Manager
"I think this seminar or training is very interesting, the content is well researched and prepared and I think Kevin is one of the best HR or talent expert in the world. That’s what I think."

Badak LNG Specialist HRD
"Joining this training is very useful because I can find out what talent needs in the future and how to develop them to become good employees in accordance with the company and provide greater revenue to the company. This training is very good, thing to note is need to add another discussion session for many participants and too little time. In fact many things can be extracted if we got more time so it can be more useful to the needs of the company."

Total E&P HR Head
"According to me this training is good because we should know about current situation outside and we can meet also with other colleagues from companies, my feedback is maybe in a future we can add a lot of like a discussion group or something because many participants coming from other company so it would be better if there is more discussion with the training."

Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia HR Director
"I gain interesting experience from joining CHRM, not only concept, theory, application, but also the latest updated HR according to the input of our trainer who has lots of international exposure. I think this training is useful for us to get modern and updated HR knowledge, so we can implement back to our company."

AK Jasa Raharja Kasi Kesejahteraan
"I strongly recommend other BUMN HR colleagues to join Husin Group CHRM because it will increase your knowledge and quality of your HR division."

ex Mondelez Indonesia Learning & Development Manager
"This CHRM training give you updated on HR, 10 year or 5 years HR knowledge doesn't applicable again in today's world. In this training you were taught on HR process for today and the future"

Pembangkitan Jawa Bali PJB Kepala Dvisi Pengembangan HRD
"I joined the HR training is to learn about HR industry from hired to fired process, and also to network with HR practitioners from other industry. The result is very good, the trainer is active and very participative, we get the knowledge and i hope Husin Group keep doing this in the future."

Pembangkitan Jawa Bali PJB General Manager PJB Academy
"This CHRM training is very useful to increase capability of HR people, what i experience myself with previously 13 years in engineering and no experience in HR, and I join this CHRM course, I really learn a lot, increase my knowledge in making designing a better HR policy. Most of the employees only think about efficiency and profit of company, but actually there are many HR values that plays a very important part in the success of company. This CHRM gives me very good strategies in running the PJB Academy in the future."

SCHOTT Igar Glass HR & GA Manager
"My feedback for this CHRM training, so far so good. The trainer is very knowledgable, the delivery of the training is also very participative. A lot of HR knowledge we used to know, after we attended the training, we become more understandable."

Asuransi Jiwa Bringin Jiwa Sejahtera Bringin Life Kepala Divisi MSDM & Diklat
"This training helps me to become a better HR person, we also got a lot of sharing and best practices from the trainer, which will help us in our company."

Pupuk Sriwidjaja (Pusri) Manager Ketenagakerjaan
"This training is important because we need to prepare our HR employees to be better."

Tabungan dan Asuransi Pensiun (TASPEN) Assistant Manager HR
"I joined this CHRM training because i am new to HR world, I need to upgrade my HR knowledge. this training is the right training for me because it teach you from HR compensation & benefit, training, development, i can give a lot of input for my company after the course."