Data Science and Big Data Analytics Modules Jakarta

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Modules
02-03 July 2018, Jakarta-Indonesia

About The Course
Big Data is a process to deliver decision-making insights. The process uses people and technology to quickly analyze large amounts of data of different types (traditional table structured data and unstructured data, such as pictures, video, email, transaction data, and social media interactions) from a variety of sources to produce a stream of actionable knowledge.

Organizations increasingly need to analyze information to make decisions for achieving greater efficiency, profits, and productivity. As relational databases have grown in size to satisfy these requirements, organizations have also looked at other technologies for storing vast amounts of information. These new systems are often referred to under the umbrella term “Big Data.”

Over the past 30 years, the amount of data available has increased tremendously.  As a result of various forms of information technology progression, companies are able to collect data in many ways (POS data, supply chain data, web-traffic data etc.), which can be used to further customer engagement, segment markets, analyse consumer behavior and optimize product development.  The role of data analysis is crucial, as it enables the disruption of previously traditional industries, and creates demand for various types of management processes based on data analytics.  Often, analytics allow managers to ask the right questions and make critical business decisions, by interpreting data without necessarily being a subject matter expert.

This two day course is beneficial to anyone wanting to understand cutting edge methods of data analysis in various industries.  Basic and advanced analytical methods will be discussed with real-life case studies, along with tutorials on how to make data analysis theory applicable to business scenarios. The course will focus on the following:

  • Basic Excel analysis in developing KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), and Dashboards. Converting raw data into interpretable and actionable data which can be tracked and analyzed.  Discussion will center on how to communicate these results.
  • A/B Testing will be used to experimentally and statistically compare various business options.  Case studies will be explored as to how this is accomplished in business.
  • Segmentation and Clustering will be analyzed with the goal to understand how to decode hidden patterns within specific data sets.  Discussion will center on various business decisions which can be formed as a result.
  • Classification methodology will be discussed from the perspective of how businesses can use data to form experimental sampling, and define pathways based on predictive analysis.

  Professor Zal Phiroz

Professor Zal Phiroz

Professor Zal Phiroz (PhD, MBA, BSc Hons.)
Harvard University, Adjunct Professor Supply Chain Management
Center for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Executive Advisory Board Member

Zal Phiroz is a powerful business leader and established industry specialist on marketing and global supply chain practices, within the fast moving consumer goods and IT industry.  Mr. Phiroz is distinguished by his passion for visionary business growth, entrepreneurship, and academia. He has held a number of executive, senior management and senior advisory roles within North America including time spent with Proctor & Gamble and TELUS. Mr. Phiroz currently teaches Supply Chain Management (Masters Level) at Harvard University.

With an established foundation in IT and management, Mr. Phiroz led a number of international special projects at Procter & Gamble, including $100M+ projects on shrink, Wal-Mart capacity optimization, Tide product concentration, IAMS demand projection and recall. In addition to leading an exploratory team tasked with overseeing global P&G innovation, Mr. Phiroz contributed to the Folgers divestiture, Gillette merger, and managed cross-functional special project partnerships with major retailers including Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Tesco, CVS and Walgreens.

Within the telecommunications marketing and IT space at TELUS, Mr. Phiroz was charged with quarterbacking the national expansion of smartphone device usage within the overall corporate portfolio. Under the leadership of Mr. Phiroz, the TELUS data device portfolio increased exponentially, and resulted in a market share growth of 16% over two years. Data analysis processes, and customized marketing techniques initiated by Mr. Phiroz are still in use currently.

As the co-founder and President of Pier Consulting Group Inc., Mr. Phiroz is responsible for direct collaboration with medium sized corporations, leading academic institutions, and federal charities on sustainability, macro marketing, and management and coordination of all supply-chain and operations projects. Major projects have included management of international consumer marketing research, aggregate data analysis on competitive markets, growth opportunity quantification, and optimization of supply chain coordination.

Mr. Phiroz holds an MBA in International Finance and two undergraduate degrees in Computer Science. A dynamic public speaker, Mr. Phiroz is a regularly invited to guest lecture at various Universities on topics relating to Supply Chain Management. He has also spoken at TEDx, UN Canada, OPAL (Chicago, Newport, Toronto), and currently instructs graduate level Supply Chain Management at Harvard University.

Comments about Prof Zal Phiroz class from Thailand (year 2017)
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Siam Cement Group SCG Thailand Asst Mgr Vendor Management & QA
"CIPM training is a good course to know fundamental to advanced level of procurement knowledge, and also best to know about best practice from other countries."

Thai Military Bank (TMB Thailand) Procurement Specialist
"You can learn a lot from CIPM course, you will also meet many procurement colleagues from other industries. in the class we are sharing many real situation which sometimes not indicated in any theories. This is a very good course by Husin Group, I recommend other procurement professionals to join this course."

Danieli Thailand Procurement Department Mgr
"I joined CIPM training by Husin Group, the class is very useful, I get new knowledge, experience and have chances to share these all with other people. Normally its very hard to find this kind of class in Thailand, that got instructors by leading universities (Harvard University). I recommend other procurement colleagues to join this class."

Hafele Thailand, Cambodia Operations Director
"I joined CIPM and CISCM training by Husin Group in Bangkok, I am very happy with these 2 trainings, I am ready to transform my ideas and improvement project ready into action. The materials are very good, there are a few good slides that can put into improvement project, and this will keep me busy for the couple of weeks ahead. I recommend anyone in operation, business functions to join this course to improve their operational performance."

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB Thailand) SVP General Procurement Management
"I am satisfied with the 3 days course of CIPM by Husin Group, a range of benefits I got from this course which can assist me in daily jobs and procurement development."

Brand's Suntory International Thailand Regional Procurement Director
"The CIPM course is very interesting and useful, it is taught by Professor from Harvard University, one of the leading university in the world. In the class we talk about procurement fundamental, we discuss about case studies, questions, and it is even more industries when they are opinions from other participants from various industries. We learn about world class practice in procurement, and now I know how to improve myself and my team to reach that level. I would like to recommend procurement professionals to take this CIPM course."