Cross Border Marketing Services in Indonesia

For companies outside Indonesia that want to expand into Indonesia, we provide step-by-step Cross Border Marketing services. Further enquiries email to:

Facts about Indonesia
Population in 2018
265,000,000 people
Men: 133,170,000 people
Women: 131,880,000 people
0 - 14 year old: 70,490,000 people
14 - 64 year old: 179,130,000 people
Above 64 year old: 85,890,000 people
E-Commerce is booming
Survey Q3 2018: total visitors for e-commerce websites every month is 455,000,000 people
Middle Income is booming
Prediction: in 2045, middle income will hit 200,000,000 people
Upper Income is booming
Prediction: in 2022, upper income will rise 5 times from 2017

E-Commerce Channel
Widely used E-Commerce Marketing in Indonesia
Depend on Client’s type of products, we will use 3 e-commerce websites for marketing: Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Blibli, Shopee, JD.ID, Bhinneka, Elevenia, Zalora, Mataharimall, Qoo10, Blanja

Social Media Channel
Widely used Social Media Marketing in Indonesia
There are some worldwide-famous social media, but in Indonesia only 2 famous social media used for marketing: Facebook and Instagram

One-Stop Business Partner in Indonesia:

Online Marketing (E-Commerce and Social Media Channel)
Our standard Management Fees include listing 20 products in 3 E-Commerce and 2 Social Media marketing. More products or more channel marketing, additional fees applied.
Onsite Marketing
Physical Store, Take parts in Events/Expo.
All type of advertisement, endorsement, premium-paid marketing services to boost the brand awareness
Set up Company, Office, Warehouse
Company License, Product License, rent Office, Warehouse
Local Website (if necessary) or
Shipping Products to Indonesia
Choosing the right forwarding company, shipping cost, import tax
Pricing of Products
What are the cost that need to be added to get the final pricing
Choosing the right Supplier, Distributor
Choosing the lower cost and better quality Supplier, Distributor

Why Choosing Us?
Save Cost
Imagine Client sending a General Manager to expand into Indonesia market. Lets say the minimum salaries for the General Manager is 5,000 USD /month. Minimum living allowance for the General Manager in Jakarta is 2,000 USD /month. A minimum of 7,000 USD /month. This is exclude all the other “business fees”.
Save Time
Sending Expatriate General Manager will take more time to do research, get to know local market, do business in local market. We are a group of business people, marketer, researcher, from Indonesia. We understand Indonesia market better than anyone else.
Honest, High Skill and High Integrity Partner
We are honest, high skill, and high integrity of business people. We only charge Management Fees. All the other “business fees” are borne by Client.

Note: We give business information, insights, strategies to Client on how to do business in Indonesia. All related  “business fees” in our services are borne by Client.