World Class Supply Chain: US Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM)

World Class Supply Chain:
US Certified International Supply Chain Manager (CISCM)
24-26 September 2018, Jakarta-Indonesia

About Institute
IPSCMI, International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, is a prestigious professional institute offering purchasing and supply chain management certifications throughout the world in all modes of instruction, including conventional public seminars, online courses, in-house seminars and other distance learning modes. IPSCMI’s purchasing and supply chain management courses and programs are provided around the world by a complete network of alliance partners which contract with IPSCMI for collaboration in conducting the IPSCMI programs. More than 60,000 professionals from 42 countries worldwide have been certified by IPSCMI so far.

Why Certify
This Certification Program is a core certification program of the International Purchasing And Supply Chain Management Institute. This program offers the designation of CISCM (Certified International Supply Chain Manager) to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through the successful completion of rigorous professional certification examinations based upon the International Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge (ISCMBOK). The ISCMBOK is supported by distinct modules of study material for the CISCM.  The CISCM has seven modules.

Eligibility Requirements
A minimum of 4 years of professional-level experience in supply chain, procurement/ purchasing/sourcing, logistics, operation, demand planning, inventory, etc position with a Bachelor degree or global equivalent degree.

CISCM Designation
Successful candidates (passed the test with minimum score 60) are granted the designation of CISCM. The designation CISCM may be used just as similar recognitions are employed in finance, accounting, insurance, medicine, law, and other professions.  Either the full expression or the initials may be used after the individual’s name on business cards, stationery, etc.

Certification Cycle
Individuals who have earned a certification designation are required to be recertified every five years

3rd day of training, from 2pm-4pm
80 multiple-choice questions
2 hours length
Estimate 3-4 weeks after the course we will send the certifications to the office of participants (for participants who passed the exam).

  Titus Pereira

Titus Pereira

Titus Pereira
Executive Director of LeapAsian Global Sdn Bhd

Titus Pereira – Bachelor of Management (Accounting & Finance) Hons, University Science Malaysia, Penang, and currently completing his MBA from MMU. He was trained and certified Consultant of Supply-Chain, utilizing the SCOR (Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model) methodology by Supply-Chain Council of USA, He was a member of committee for the development of National Occupational Skill Standard for Freight Forwarding Industry under the National Vocational Training Council, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia. He has also attended advance level training in designing and setting up 3rd Party Logistics Distribution Centre, in Australia. He is an approved consultant and advance level implementer for EXCEED Warehouse Management System and Logipolis Transport Management System.  He has also attended advance level Customs courses on Classification, Valuation, Documentation & Procedures both in Singapore and Malaysia. Besides that, he has also completed the Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) course, conducted jointly by AchieveGlobal of USA and L’Oreal Management Development Centre Asia Pacific in Singapore. He is a Certified and Approved Trainer under HRDF (TTT/9767)

He has varied experience in the field of General Management, Leadership Development, Human Capital Development, Supply-Chain and Operation Management, Shipping, Customer Service, Purchasing & Negotiation, Talent Development and Training, Process and Method Improvement, Negotiation, Creating  Competency  Based HRM and Selection Process in his over 25 years of work experience. He has worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

He was the Operation Director of L’Oreal Malaysia, Vice-President, Operation of Merbok Berhad, Regional Demand Planning Manager of Abbott  Laboratories in Hong Kong and Purchasing and Distribution Manager of Abbott Laboratories Malaysia , Manager of Keppel Distribution Centre, in Singapore and Head of Training at Kontena National Berhad. He was also Supply-Chain and Operation Consultant to DELL Asia Pacific, NEC Japan and Thailand, Sony Distribution Centre, in Malaysia, Epson Trading and Malaysia News Print Berhad.

His areas of expertise are Strategic Supply-Chain Planning, Designing and Management, Operation Management, Demand Planning, Purchasing, Shipping, Warehouse Management, 3rd Party Distribution Centre Planning, Designing and Management, Inventory Management, Transport Planning and Distribution Management, License Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) and FIZ’s Customs and Treasury Application Procedures, Documentation and Control, Shipping and Customs Documentations and Procedures, Credit Collection and Management, Order Processing and Management, Customer Service Management, Process and Methods Improvement, Change Management, Leadership Development, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Interpersonal Managing Skills,  Supervisory and Executive Development, Personal Effectiveness and Productivity Management, Training Need Analysis, Evaluating Training Effectiveness, Competency Based HRM, Competency Based Interviewing and Selection, Negotiation and Presentation Skills.

Some of the organizations he has worked with are L’Oreal Malaysia, Nestle, Abbott, Malaysia News Print, NEC-I, PARKROYAL Hotel, Dorset Hotel, Labuan, Sunway Hotel,  Kontena National Berhad, DHL, Sony Supply-Chain Solutions, Flextronics, Maju Holdings, Ambank, CIMB Aviva, Scotts & English, Malaysia Mosaic Berhad, GD Express, MISC, Panasonic,  Sapura Holdings, UMW, Department of Statistics Malaysia, Ministry of Tourism, DBKL, Tesco, Malaysian Airline System, Speedo, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Telekom Malaysia, Celcom, Inti University College, Western Digital, Freescale, Westport, KPM,  UOM and Mara Community College.

He strives to add value to the programs by customizing them to the organization’s training needs in the respective area, and is truly passionate and dedicated in helping develop the human potential.

Comments about US CISCM from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
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Microchip Technology Thailand Supply Chain Team
"We are so glad that we attended this course, this course provide us many theories in supply chain that we can use them to analyze with different types of business/manufacturing models. This course also provide us with many knowledge that we can apply to our own company practices, we also understand more in overall supply chain business model."

Astra Honda Motor Department Head
"CISCM training content is very suitable for operational and businesses, we can learn best practices from other industries, moreover because participants comes from various industries and various countries, so can we learn how they apply supply chain in their industries, the actual situation. I hope by the end of this course I am able to learn how to manage the business, how to run the operational, and supply chain."

Molnlycke Health Care Thailand Planning and Logistics Director
"The trainer is Professor from Harvard University, very professional and knowledgeable trainer. We are exposed to a lot of study cases, various industries cases, from garment industries, automobile, fashion, retailer, this gives us a lot of different insights in supply chain field. The training is only 3 days and comprises of a lot of supply chain materials, there isn't much time to discuss into details each topics. And also another benefit of this training is, we get many diversify participants from various industries, this is a good networking platform for us, we also got knowledge sharing from another people from another industries."

PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP) Thailand Category & Vendor Management Manager
"CISCM is a good course, it covers a lot of essential topics for supply chain management professionals. I would recommend everyone that would like to strengthen their supply chain skills and knowledge to join this course."

TYROLIT Thai Diamond Supply Chain Manager
"The 3 days CISCM course is very informative, a lot of fun, a good teacher and very well organised. I recommend you to have a previous knowledge in supply chain before joining this CISCM course to fully benefit from this course."

Merck Thailand Supply Chain Manager
"The CISCM course is very good for some people that have some years of experience in supply chain, it will give you the overview of all supply chain details, i have to go back and re-think myself what i have been doing for the past years in my division supply chain strategies, are they correct or wrong. This is a very beneficial course for me. Thank you."

Green Spot Thailand Procurement Manager
"My main job function is procurement, which is part of supply chain. I joined this CISCM course and it gives me a lot of supply chain knowledge. The details of this 3 days is very interesting and challenging, it gives me the opportunity to know more about supply chain, what are the components of supply chain, and I also recommend those that want to know more about supply chain management to join this CISCM course, and at the same time those people that want to join should have the basic of procurement/supply chain otherwise they would not catch up with the lots of materials and speed of the course. The atmosphere of this 3 days workshop is very pleasant, the lecturer gives us a lot of opportunity to participate in case study discussion. Even though the course covers a lot of details and case studies reading, this is very beneficial to everyone."

MONIN Asia Kuala Lumpur Purchasing Manager
"The CISCM course is useful for us, the purpose I attended this course is to refresh my supply chain knowledge, we have a lot of case studies discussion, exchange some information in the course. I think those that want to broader their supply chain skills, this CISCM course will help you guys."

Hafele Thailand, Cambodia Operations Director
"I joined CIPM and CISCM training by Husin Group in Bangkok, I am very happy with these 2 trainings, I am ready to transform my ideas and improvement project ready into action. The materials are very good, there are a few good slides that can put into improvement project, and this will keep me busy for the couple of weeks ahead. I recommend anyone in operation, business functions to join this course to improve their operational performance."

Brand’s Suntory International Thailand, Regional Demand Fulfillment Director
"I attended CISCM by Husin Group in Bangkok, what I like about the course is the case studies which I think is very good, and also the networking with other SCM experts in the same industries so we can have the best practices benchmark."

Jaspal Thailand Logistics Director
"We can get knowledge and networking out of this training. I recommended other supply chain and logistics people to join this training, because this training can help you support your idea. And also we can learn a lot of case studies from CISCM which can be applied back to our organization, I encouraged everyone to join CISCM training."

The Mall Thailand Replenishment Manager
"This CISCM training course if very useful, a lot of information and case studies from international best practices, some cases we never met before."

Siam Cement Group, chemical company Thailand Production Scheduling Section
"This CISCM training is to refresh some supply chain knowledge, but the difficult part is how to execute it. another advantage of this course you can get a lot of networking."

Kalbe Farma SCP Senior Manager
"CISCM is a very useful course, I can see the whole picture of supply chain management from end to end, and its very useful for my job. Because the training only 3 days, its not covered very detailed due to time constraint, so I suggest this course only for senior level supply chain management practitioner."

Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace) Spv Material Planning
"This CISCM course is very good for my company, I can implement what is taught in this course to my subordinate in the company."

Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace) Spv Purchasing
"This CISCM course is very good for my need, one input is need to have more case studies for each modules."

Petrokimia Gresik Staff Diswil I
"Attending the CISCM I get many knowledge of supply chain updates, of course these will beneficial for the implementation of supply chain in our company because our company has a lot of distribution from upstream to downstream. This CISCM has many materials we can use as reference in the implementation. Its very good to share with my colleagues back in the company. Now I come out with a lot of supply chain good ideas."

Pembangunan Perumahan PP (Persero) Head of SCM and Strategic Partnership Manager
"This course added my knowledge for my new supply chain management division."
"This training useful for adding knowledge, and also we can share experience with other colleagues in this training, we hope we can implement it directly when we go back to our company."

Yummy Food Utama PPIC & Logistic Manager
"Every supply chain people must attend this CISCM course to upgrade, benchmark their knowledge, good lecture Prof John Paul, Thanks."

CNOOC Indonesia, Head Of Procurement Goods & Strategic Alliance
"This training is impressive. Some of the experienced that given by the trainer can be combine with the condition in Indonesia. Especially, oil and gas company. But some of them can’t be applicable related to the rules in Indonesia. This training is good to compare between supply chain management in Indonesia and supply chain management in International."

BlueScope Steel Indonesia, Business Excellence Manager
"This course is good for upgrading our knowledge about supply chain. We got a lot of experience from the trainer academic and professional experienced. In this full three days training, we learned how to improve supply chain process in our company. But three days training are not enough concerning a lot of material."

Kalbe Farma, SCM-PPIC General Manager
"Participant’s company background in this training are very different with my company background. In this training, we discuss about purchasing, especially contract and regulations. My company is very strict about regulation, so I become understand about how to make the contract that is stick to regulation. About the trainer teaching, his theory are awesome. But the practical are quite different from what I experience in my work."

Indonesia Power, Head of Planning, Tender & Sourcing
"I feel lucky that I can attend this certified training. Not because the certification, but because we got lectured from world supply chain expert speaker. That speaker the trainer, he is a founder of International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, a world accredited institute. We hope supply chain professionals in Indonesia can take the benefit that is offered by Husin Intelligence Group and from Dr. LeRoy."

Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ, Senior Manager Marine & SCM Department
"This training is very useful. I learned a lot about world class international business and it is good to support my company’s daily activity."

Atlas Copco Indonesia, Branch Manager
"It is quite good. I found out the modules is a lot and three days is too short, not enough. But the trainer is good professional based on his experienced."

Agincourt Resources Deputy Manager Procurement & Contracts, SCM
"I am responsible for procurement and contract. I joined this CISCM to do some benchmarking about our operational with the other corporate in the same industry. So I think by joining this program I can more capable to give contribution about implementation CISCM in my company."

Petroleum Company Supply Chain Manager
"I am a Practitioner in Supply Chain. So the objective of attending this course is just to go back to the fundamental of the principle in supply chain and just to correct check my knowledge and against the practice that I’ve been doing and also to find out about the best practices in other industry. It’s really useful and I would like to recommend anyone who want to really have a career in supply chain to join this CISCM course."

Merck Tbk SNO Business Partner Manager
"I joined CISCM (Certified International Supply Chain Manager). This is a very comprehensive program. We can learn starting from business, strategic until the operations. This is a very positive course for everybody to enlarge and increase the knowledge about supply chain that we do in our daily operations, the practical, best practice.  Its also good to know more about thephilosophy so then we can increase our supply chain organization into the excellent level. Very Good."

Japanese Oil Company Manager Logistics & Operation
"This Training is good enough. The drawback, the time is not enough. But overall the training covered the whole supply chain material. Success for Husin Group."

Indokordsa Group Supply Chain Manager
"I joined this training because is kind of new for us. In our company actually supply chain is a kind of new in the organization so I come try to see what kind of benefit can be delivered to the company and do benchmarking with other industries."

Pertamina Procurement Excellence Group
"The instructor is really good, the drawback is the timing because the material is so many and the time is limited only 3 days, so we kind of rush, but the material is very good as well. About facilities, the hotel is good, i think the meeting room is a bit crowded because participants are many. The material maybe next time can considered don't give hard copy but use computer better because the hard copy is too many."

Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) Procurement Senior Officer
"This training is very useful for our daily operational especially in procurement field. We hope can join the next training."

Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) Supply Management Senior Officer
"In my corporate there is no supply chain management, there is only procurement department. I hope after attending this training can improve our business process in my corporate."

Aroma Abadi Supply Chain Manager
"My impression for this training is good enough. The lecturer very expert in the field so I can upgrade my knowledge in supply chain management. Thank you."

Arnotts Indonesia Supply Chain Manager
"I think this course is really good to self check supply chain expertise and then the certification method process and the preparation learning also quite good to basically give us quick check with the root whether we are fit or not to the role."

Bukit Muria Jaya (BMJ) Head of Supply Chain
"By attending this certified international supply chain management I got many good things and seen that this training is not concept priority but more is about the real example and concrete things from the practitioner who is expert in the field. This training is good enough and applicable. 3 days for this course is very tight schedule but the positive one is the terminology that given in 3 days are main concepts and of course this is goodto be implemented by supply chain manager or headfor various industries. Thank you."

Bank UOB Indonesia Procurement and General Services Head
"I join this course because this is very needed for daily practice since my corporate have branches in Indonesia. So I must ensure that supply chain is delivered well so I can support the corporate business."

Semen Indonesia GM Supply Chain Management
"I served as general manager supply chain and responsible for supply chain managementimplementation in Semen Indonesia. My goal to join this training is to learn more into supply chain management so I am capable to find the most simple way to apply supply chain in Semen Indonesia Group. Thank You."

Pertamina Procurement Excellence Group
"I am working for procurement in Pertamina head office. Many things about procurement that I need to know especially about best practice that using in international level because my company connected with suppliers from many countries. So that’s why I join this training and this is very useful for upgrade my knowledge."