Career in Husin Group

At Husin Group we're not restricted by layers of management or bureaucracy - we've created an environment where ideas can flourish. If you've got big ideas, we want to hear them. From your very first day you'll have the flexibility and accountability to make things happen. Want to join Husin Group? Read our Husin Group's culture below. If you like our culture, email your CV to:

Do you know how to work and play hard?

If you are only a work hard type, don't join us because you will be surprised seeing us. We play really hard, we enjoy our life. Life is short


We need brave and street smart people.

Our job involved a lot of talking with Decision Makers (Directors, Managers level). Sometimes you need to think inside the box, sometimes you need to think outside the box.

Do you think school degree is important?
If you think school degree is important, you are not suitable with our culture. School degree is for your memory only, we don’t care you are graduated from a reputable University or not, if you can’t perform, only three words for you…. You are fired!

Do you agree with older employees must get higher salary than younger employees?

If you agree, you are not suitable with our culture. In Husin Group, if you want to prove that because you have lived longer in this world so you must get better pay than younger people, then you are wrong. We only see result and performance, no matter how old you are. It’s a performance based company.